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What are the system requirements for your Windows/Mac photo book creator?

Our photo book creator is free, easy to download and simple to use. Everyone can create a truly memorable photo book, unique cards,…Read the full answer

Can I create a photo product on my iPad?

At the moment we don't offer an application to create your photo project on an iPad. If you have a Windows or Mac…Read the full answer

I get the message “error display object …” when I try to open my book. What can I do?

This message appears when the source file or multiple images can't be found in your project folder on your computer. Simply click on…Read the full answer

When I start the creator, I get the message “The Bonusprint creator can’t retrieve the latest product information”. What can I do?

This message indicates that the program has tried to make a connection with the Internet but has not been granted access. You can…Read the full answer

Why can’t I install the editor on my Mac?

The photo book creator is available for Mac OS X version 10.6 or higher (Snow Leopard) with a 64 bit processor. Therefore, if…Read the full answer

I get the message “This product has not been made with Bonusprint” when I try to open my book. What can I do?

This message normally appears when you try to open your project in an older version of our software. To resolve the situation, please…Read the full answer

I get the message “installer. page controller error -1″ when I try to install the software on my Mac?

This error might be caused by the version of the operating system you are using. With the release of OS X 10.6 of…Read the full answer

Can I use your program on my Linux computer?

There are quite a few of our customers that use a Linux operating system and of course, they can use our online photo…Read the full answer

Why can’t I decide where to install your software?

Our program is installed in the App Data folder on your C: \ drive. This is simply the easiest and most user friendly…Read the full answer

  • Use all your favourite photos to create a unique photo book
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