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Online Method

Re-Order Now

Projects created using the online software are saved for approximately one year on our servers.

If you would like to re-order, you have to be quick! If you always want to have the option of re-ordering old photo books, it’s best to use our desktop software.

To re-order a photo book online you need to open the photo book online client (see steps 1 to 2). Alternatively you can click on The “Re-Order Now” button above and go to step 3.

1. Click on the ‘CREATE NOW’ button on the photo books home page.

This will take you to the photo books ordering page (step 2 below).

Step 1 : Reorder Your Book

2. On the photo books ordering page, under ONLINE VERSION, click on the ‘START NOW’ button.

Step 2 : Click Start Now To Reorder

3. Login with your username and password

Step 3 : Login With Username And Password

Simply click on your saved book from beneath the title “my photo books” to open

Step 4 : View Previously Saved Books

4. Add extras and make changes

When you’re happy with the size of your photo book, you can also make additional changes to your product. For example you can choose to add extra pages and photo’s, add gloss to your pages or change the texts you wrote. You can make whatever changes you want too, in the same way you would when creating a new photo book.

Step 5 : Add Extras And Make Changes

When you’re happy with your photo book and ready to order, the process of ordering is exactly the same as usual. Go to the ‘Order now’ buton, and follow the steps. It’s as simple as that!

Step 6 : Order Your Book Online

Re-Order Now