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Good quality

Ordered prints, 2 days later they were out for drlivery


My husband & i both lost both of our parents in the last 3 years, we've had a lot of house sorting etc .... to do, After going through endless photos, we decided to look somewhere to have a print from both of our late parents wedding day & a photo of our wedding day, then i discovered bonusprint who answered our prays. Ordering our photos online was straightforward, We were kept up-to-date about our order. We are so happy with photos that bonusprint done for us, Our late parents wedding day photos that we picked was done in Black & White, Our wedding day photo was done in colour, They are now all framed & hanging up in our lounge :) & remembering our late parents, Thank you bonusprint, you come highly recommended, I will be happy to order from you again.

J Lee
Quality photos to look back on

Everything from ordering to delivery

Jill Coomer

Love this company, the best quality production and delivery on my photo books

My number one company for photibooks

I have used Bonusprint for many years. 30 or so photo books later I think that says it all. I find the software easy to use and have it downloaded on PC . I especially like the lay flat option. If you really need colours to pop out the high gloss is great. Online version of photo book great for sharing. Lots of deals.

Lovely quality cards

Lovely quality cards. Great range of designs to choose from and easy to add details for our wedding. Swift delivery too and quality envelopes to go with them.

Jackie Ward
Excellent service and quality

Excellent service and quality

Christine Palmer
I will keep using Bonusprint - highly recommended

I have used Bonusprint many times for photo books and posters - the service and quality is always first class, and always reasonably priced.

Simply the best!

I’ve just received my 28th photo book from Albelli/Bonusprint - have now been using them for 14+ years and am rapidly running out of storage space for all my books! As always, the quality is excellent and delivery was very quick too. I always use the online creator tool on my laptop as this gives me the freedom to use my own layouts and text so I can really make the pages look exactly how I want them. The reminders to save work are a godsend for me - this time the system crashed and I had to recover my book using the backup copy (not difficult once I’d discovered how). My only gripe is the frequency with which the software ‘hangs’ (very frustrating when you’re in the middle of doing something.! I also love their canvas prints - great for my favourite photos! Super products and great value with the frequent discount codes - I wouldn’t use any other company!

Sharon Toop
The product was better than expected…

The product was better than expected and arrived in good time

james king
Excellent product fast delivery and…

Excellent product fast delivery and they let you keep the book you are creating for as long as you need as I can take 3 months to complete mine!

Beverley Hook
Excellent quality

Ease of use, discounts and other merchandise to show case one's memories.

Richard Lyon

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