This time of year always feels a bit hectic, doesn’t it? School and work life is in full swing with checklists of appointments, sports events, drop offs and pick ups. And Christmas is showing us how busy things can get, in a good way, too. A personalised calendar is the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones to stay ahead of next years busyness. Creating a calendar for your home is a great way for everyone to have a clear idea of where they should be and what’s going on. It will boost your productivity, help you plan ahead, and keep on top of everything that needs to be done.

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Organise the whole family

Now it’s time to go back to school, suddenly everyone’s got places to be, friends to see and classes to attend. Creating your own photo calendar means you can bring order to the chaos in the house. With a clear and easy way for the whole family to check where they should be and what everyone else is getting up to, a photo calendar is a fantastic way to keep things organised. To makes things even easier, why not get several calendars printed so you can hang them in the kitchen, kids’ rooms and office? Check out the calendar section of our site for our buy more, save more promotions.

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Be more productive

By keeping on top of all your appointments, birthdays and special events, you’ll find yourself less stressed and more productive. If you spend less time thinking about what you should be doing, you’ll have more time to actually do it — that’s a fact! It means you’ll be more relaxed, there’ll be less rushing around for everyone, and you might even get a chance to put your feet up for a while.

You’ll never forget a birthday

That sinking feeling when you realised you’ve forgotten a good friend’s birthday, or worse, when you get a text wondering why your kid isn’t at a party: Aargghhh! When you create one of our photo calendars you can easily actually add in birthdays and special occasions while you design it in our online editor, so there’s no excuse to miss any parties now.

Break down your long-term projects

When you’re planning for a big event like a wedding or house move, you quickly realise that there are many steps to complete to make everything a success. By planning out when each of these smaller steps has to be done on your calendar, you’re setting yourself easier deadlines to keep. Once you’ve got those written down and hanging on the wall where you can see them every day, the whole process of planning becomes so much easier. Suddenly the great big scary project becomes lots of manageable things you’ll look forward to ticking off every time you do one.

Make it unique

Our bonusprint photo calendars are totally unique to you. Not just because of the photos that you use, but because everything in your calendar is fully customisable. Whether you use one of our pre-design themes or start with a blank page, you can change it however you want. Choose your favourite fonts, change background colours, add frames around your photos, mark special dates, use clip art and masks — it’s totally up to you. The calendar that you make will be truly exclusive to you.

We hope we’ve given you some sparks of inspiration on why creating a photo calendar can help your time management. With plenty of size, shape and pre-designed theme options to suit your needs, creating one with bonusprint couldn’t be easier. All you need to do to boost your productivity is click the button below and get creating.

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