Once the school year starts, it’s as though someone has hit the fast forward button. You’re so busy policing homework, calming tantrums and rolling out the go-to-beds that it’s summer break before you know it and you’ll be scratching your head, wondering where all the time went.

The good news is that it’s possible to stop time from speeding by so quickly and you won’t need a time machine to do it. All you need is a camera and some great school year photos ideas. Below you’ll find 4 ways of using everyday moments to capture your child’s school year in a meaningful way.

Idea 1: Photograph a day in your little one’s school life

Take photos of things as commonplace as their school lunch box!
Once your little one becomes an adult, these everyday items will turn into symbols of happy, carefree days. Capture them on camera and give your child a way to remember their childhood. For ideas of what to photograph, head to our ‘A day in the school life of’ pinboard.

Idea 2: Take photos that capture their childhood dreams

Remind your kids how enthusiastic and eager they were as children.
A child aspires to be a Fireman one day then a Vet the next. Use creative ways to take photos that will remind your little one of what they aspired to be. Who knows? It may become a source of inspiration in the future. For ideas, head to our ‘When I grow up I want to be’ pinboard.

Idea 3: Photograph the friends they had before Facebook

Caption: No two friends are the same. Take photos that capture what made each friend unique.
Sadly, as the years go by, we tend to fall out of touch with the friends we made during our childhood. Give your child a way to hold on to them through pictures. When you spot a good moment, just grab the camera and take photos of all of them: from the friends they made at summer camp to the elderly neighbour who told scary stories. To inspire you, we’ve pinned some lovely examples on our ‘Friends I had before Facebook’ pinboard.

Idea 4: Take photos of your child’s favourite toys and games

 This will arguably be the photo that will make them smile the most.

Just think of Pac Man, Lego or any old toy or game you loved as a child and you’ll be smiling in no time. Give your kids a reason to look back and smile as well. Take photos of the toys and games they love in fun ways. Be inspired by the photos on our ‘Games and toys’ pinboard.
Here’s a tip! Once you have a great collection of photos, use them to create a fun photo book dedicated to capturing their childhood and school year. You can add the photos to one of a pre-design photo book, we recommend one of the books under the Children theme, or start from scratch.

Which ever way you chose to go, it’ll surely be a book they’ll love to have as a keepsake.