Mobile phone photography has a hidden benefit — your smartphone is almost always within reach. This means they offer more and often better opportunities to take spontaneous pictures that are unlike those taken by hand held cameras. Follow the tips below to take unique, spur-of-the-moment photos with your camera phone!

1. Experiment with different angles

Smartphone photography angles

Don’t just take pictures from the front. Be adventurous and take them from above, below, or at an angle. This creates exciting perspectives. The camera on your mobile is somehow less serious compared to a real camera, so chances are you’ll enjoy experimenting.

2. Come close – literally

Smartphone photography closeup

As the camera on your mobile does not contain an actual zoom lens like digital cameras have, you will have to approach your subject to get a good close-up. This will prevent blurred photos and pixelation. Even if you have a mobile that can digitally zoom in, it will usually result in a loss of pixels.

3. Catch those sun rays

Smartphone photography outdoors

If you’re lucky enough to see sun rays be quick to make the most of it. When focusing, make sure the sun rays fall within the area of your chosen subject. Quickly move your mobile around to find an angle that catches most of the sun rays. Tap your mobile phone screen to zoom in on the sun rays (this filters through the light) and take your shot. (Best with iOS and Android smart phones).

4. Choose, frame, and focus

Smartphone photography focus

Instead of photographing the entire building opt to focus on a single interesting aspect of the building. For example choose to focus on an interesting looking exterior wall lantern. This often allows for more atmospheric images – the kind that’s great as a photo book cover.

5. Light, light, and more light

Smartphone photography lighting

If your mobile does not have a built-in flash, try to take pictures in well-lit places. If you’re indoors, just direct some light toward your subject and snap away – you’ll see the results are instantly better.

Proof that you don’t need a fancy digital camera to take great photos. We hope these mobile photography tips have left you feeling inspired to get out and about with your mobile phone. Once you’ve taken some photos, why not turn them into a photo product so you can proudly display your new smartphone photography skills in your home?