With a few favourite photos and an empty wall, you can easily transform any room into a stylish and personalised space. The trick – once you’ve created unique wall art – is in how you hang it!

A good wall art layout gives character to a space and can help add your personality to a room. There are literally endless ways to arrange wall art but to get you started, we’ve pulled together five basic layouts that can fit any style.

Take a look below and find the layout that suits you!

1)If you love variety… try an ECLECTIC layout


Get the look: Choose a mix of images, frames and wall art types (aluminium, canvas, acrylic and mounted prints) and position the middle of your total arrangement at eye level.

2)If you want to keep it simple… use a MINIMALIST layout


Get the look: Choose a high quality photo to create a large print and hang it above a sofa, table or other piece of furniture. Easy!

3)If you’re the neat and tidy type… create an ORGANISED layout


Get the look: Stick with one size and type of wall art (like these framed canvas prints) and use a ruler to make your rows nice and straight, just the way you like them!

4)If you like things relaxed and laid back… go for a CAUSUAL layout


Get the look: Create a mix of wall art with different images, sizes and styles. Then place them on a shelf and lean them against the wall like you didn’t even think about it. 😉

5)If you’re all about the art… create a GALLERY layout


Get the look: Choose photos with similar colours or a theme to create a few quality pieces and evenly space them in your hallway or above a long piece of furniture. (Try acrylic prints for the complete gallery look and feel.)

Found your perfect layout? Create your wall art now!