As much as we all love summer, there’s a certain pleasure in it coming to a close and getting to spend more time at home. Autumn is the time of year when we start making little changes to make our homes cosier, so with this in mind we’ve picked our top interior trends for the new season that will help you settle back in. From deep, bold colour palettes to tropical patterns, these are the 6 home decor trends that every interior designer is using for inspiration this season.

Remember, bold is beautiful

Say goodbye to grey and beige and hello to navy blue, emerald green and rich violet. Colours are bolder than ever and jewel hues are the ones to focus on as key colours for autumn. If you’re not sure about painting your whole home in such a striking colour, then paint one feature wall in your chosen shade or simply add some cushions, blankets and other decorative items like vases in bolder colours.

Make it your own

Print and hang a mounted print wall art that contrasts with the colour of the surroundings to add to the richness of the interiors.

Decorate with tropical floral prints

Pink and green hues have been everywhere this summer and autumn is the season to bring that trend into your home. Whether it’s in wallpaper, fabrics, or upholstery, a tropical floral print will instantly bring your living space into the new season. Swiss cheese plants or palm leaves are still the most on-trend choice, but you could also try simply adding a bouquet of flowers to your dining table to nod to the trend without making any major changes.

Make it your own

Try taking an interesting photo of a flower or some plants and print it on an acrylic wall art. It will blend in well with the floral patterns in your home and the colours on acrylic will really pop.

Use books as decoration

Displaying books in your home is an easy way to add some sophistication to your space. The trend for displaying books is going nowhere and is super simple to adjust each season depending on how many books you have. You can stack them haphazardly on a fireplace or shelf or erect a bookshelf wall and fill it with all of your favourite reads. You could even colour code your books to make them look extra stylish.

Make it your own

Displaying your own photo books is a great way to tap into this trend while adding a personal touch. Read our tips on creative ways to display your photo books for more ideas.

Choose dark wood

Give your home a shot of retro glamour with some dark furniture. The trend for dark wood has been prominent in interior circles for a few years now, but this season will be when it reaches the mainstream and will be easy to replicate at home. Scour local vintage furniture shops for mid-century style pieces in mahogany hues and your home will look instantly stylish.

Make it your own

Create a display using retro prints to match the retro vibe of dark wooden furniture. Read our tips on creating retro prints for some inspiration.

Invest in artisanal textures and ceramics

In our technology-crazy world, we have seen a growing trend for handmade interiors as a reaction. Ceramics and artisanal textiles dominate and will make your house look like a home. Pick up pieces on your travels or try secondhand shops for unique pieces that no one else will have. It’s so nice when every item in your home has a unique story.

Make it your own

Print a calm, quiet scene on a canvas wall art as it will blend in well with the warm artisanal textures.

Embrace subway tiles

Cement tiles are the kitchen and bathroom trend that you should focus on for autumn. Bright white is the perfect backdrop for playing around with other trends and will contrast nicely with the cement grouting. You can choose the classic subway style layout or get creative and arrange them in different directions and patterns.

Make it your own

Complement your subway tiles with a macro close-up photograph printed in black and white on an aluminium wall art. This will look especially chic in bathrooms and kitchens, which is where your cement tiles will probably be.

What is your favourite interior trend for the new season? Have you recently redecorated? Then share your photos with us using the #bonusprint hashtag because we love seeing what you’ve been up to. You can also share this blog on social media by clicking on the icons below to inspire your friends and family.