For most of us, it’s the pictures that go inside our photo books that we care about the most. But there’s a lot you can do to be creative with the cover too. We’ve put together 9 tips to bring your next photo book cover to life, no matter the occasion.


Text mask your baby’s name


A simple but effective way of giving your cover some real pop is with a text mask – like your baby’s name over your favourite photo of them.

Use a photo of your baby’s handprint


Another great idea for a baby photo book is with a photo of your baby’s handprint on a white background. Even better, do one for every birthday, so you have each milestone chronicled for years to come.

Colour code your cover


Go for a colour-coded theme on your cover to really create some pop. You can use multiple photos with our editor, so space them apart with suitable colour blocks for the most impact.

Check out our blogs on taking the best baby photos and how to create a baby book for inspiration.


Photo cut out


If you’re making a photo book of your wedding a really simple but gorgeous style is to ‘cut out’ a photograph of you two like we did above. To achieve this look, add a photo on a coloured background of your choice and apply one of the geometric shape masks from the offline editor.

Thin strip minimalism


Get a selection of your favourite candid photos of you two and make a simple layout with narrow strips to show them all together. Finish it off with a little minimalist flourish and have their names written at the bottom.

Crisp, clean, and fun


For a fun photo book cover idea that’s simple to realise, take a photo of the two of you striking a quirky pose on a colourful background. Make sure to leave enough white space around the photo so it really stands out and add a light-hearted title as a final touch.

And if you need some inspiration for creating the perfect wedding day photo book, we’ve got you covered.

Cook books

Cook book volumes by type


If you’re into DIY cookbooks, create your own library by dividing your culinary creations into categories like starters, vegetarian and desserts. Why not split the cover in two – with the top half showing a featured dish, and the bottom half listing the ingredients. Repeat for each category.

Cook book volumes by ingredients


You can also take the same approach by categorising your favourite ingredients too – like all your favourite vegetarian or fish recipes – and colour coding the covers with a picture of the core ingredient to give it that extra professional look.

Classic cook book


If you can’t pick just one ingredient to celebrate on the cover, why not use a whole host of them? Find a nice wooden table top, gather all the individual ingredients that make up your featured dish, and take an Instagram-style top-down photo.

Check out our tips on how to take the best food photos, and creative tips on creating your very own cook book for more inspiration.

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There are, of course, plenty more ways to give your photo book cover some extra love. Show off your own creations with #bonusprint, and maybe get a little inspiration too.