Buying your family and friends Christmas presents is never easy. Making sure you’ve got everyone something that they’ll love yet still comes with your personal touch can be tricky. Any of our photo gifts can be the answers though. With such a wide range of products you can create a personal, fun, thoughtful and useful present for the special people in your life. Don’t just take our word for it though, we thought we’d let our customers do the talking. To spark your gifting inspiration we asked them about the Christmas they’ve made with bonusprint and what tips they have to make them. Think of it as the bonusprint Christmas gift guide 2021.

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Photo books

Photo books are a great photo gift for mum or grandmother. Creating a photo book containing all of your most special moments is a wonderful present for reminiscing over.

Judith made a photo book for her grandmother last Christmas and the reaction was beautiful.

“I wanted to give her something different from the usual cardigan and gloves. I wanted to give her something personal that would allow her to look back on all the moments with the family. I made it so each section of the photo book represented a person in the family. The best part was her life with my grandad, that section really hit home for my her. When she opened the gift and looked through the pages, she was so happy. We all shed a tear together reliving all the moments together. Now the photo book sits pride of place on display for everyone.”  

If you’re thinking of creating a photo book for a Christmas present Judith’s tip would be to really think about the person you’re making it for. Work out sections like she did to give it a really personal touch.

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Wall Art

Our fantastic range of wall art is a brilliant way to make an impact to a room. Creating a show stopping piece of art out of your own personal moments is a unique Christmas gift for any family or friend.

Sarah made a fabulous piece of wall art, choosing to print it on acrylic, for her father.

We always give my dad a calendar, but this year we wanted to do something different. We found a black and white photo of him playing baseball when he was a teenager. We had it scanned and then we uploaded it to the bonusprint online editor. I was so proud when he opened the gift, you could tell straight away that he loved it. It now sits above the fireplace at the family home where everyone can see it when they visit.”

Sarah also has a tip for when you’re thinking about creating a piece of wall art for someone special this Christmas: try and find an unexpected or hardly seen photograph of your subject. That way they’ll be doubly surprised when they open it.

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Mugs are fun Christmas present idea when you want to get a group of friends or all of your family a gift. Genuinely useful, you know that your gift will be bringing a smile to your loved ones face every time they have a hot drink, whether it’s at work or in their kitchen.

Anne made a photo mug for a group of friends last Christmas:

“I did a charity run with friends of mine and we had a really nice photo taken of us. It was such a nice time together, that I thought it would be a great idea for us all to have it. So I made a mug that I gave as a gift to everyone. My friends all still use the mug and it sits proudly in their collection.”

Anne’s great tip when you’re looking to make a photo mug is all in the planning, collect all your photos together and download in time/occasion order. This makes completing the project so much easier and you will always be able to find that one photo you’re looking for.

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When you want to be absolutely sure to get a present that will last all year, then there’s nothing better than one of our photo calendars. Every member of the family will love a gift that has a new memory every month.

Evelyn is a big fan of creating photo calendars with bonusprint:

Every year I create 10 personalised calendars that I give to all of my broader family members. I live away with my partner and young family and we don’t get to see the family very often, so for us, the calendar is the perfect gift to help relive all the great memories we’ve had. My husband and I usually work in the online editor together, to make the creation process quicker. Our families love the calendar and I even remember when we forgot to give out the calendar a few years back, we received messages from all the family asking where it was.”

Evelyn’s top tip for when you’re creating a photo calendar is to do a selection of the photos you want to use before you upload them, as it will make the story you create much easier. Then pick one of our pre design templates that matches the style of your photos.

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It really wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t send your favourite people a card, and with bonusprint you can create some truly brilliant and unique ones, using your very own photos.

Francis makes her photo Christmas cards with bonusprint every year:

“We have a number of moments where my kids and the grandkids get together with me and my husband and we always have nice photos of the events. Every year my husband and I pick our favourite photo, generally the one with all the grandkids making funny faces and never sitting perfectly and we have a Christmas card made. We send it to all our close friends and family with a nice note about our families. I keep a collection of all the cards we send out and put them on the wall every year. At Christmas time it’s so nice to look back at the old photos with the family.”

Francis’ number one tip for creating a Christmas card would be to pick a photo that makes you laugh, it will surely have the same reaction when your friends and family see it.

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Whichever of our products you choose, a personalised photo product is the perfect Christmas gift for your family and friends this year. Guaranteed to make them laugh (and maybe shed a tear or two), they’re a unique and personal gift to be treasured.