…grandma and grandpa? Your travel companions? Your daughter? Your colleagues? We can think of plenty of reasons to order a second copy of your photo book. The first is: to share memories! Because it would really be a shame if no one were to see your beautiful photo book. Right?

A photo book for…
Grandma and grandpa are certainly the classic example. Nothing would make them happier than a photo book of their grandchild. They will be able to enjoy the photos whenever they’re not babysitting. Or make an account of your travels with your travelling companion and order two! You will both look back with pleasure after returning home.

With the photo book program you can make a child’s photo book exactly like this one. Yes, including all those wonderful backgrounds and frames!

Great moments deserving of more than one photo book
Family tree book: Make a photo book of your family history. One for every member of the family. A good way to ensure your history is never lost.
Wedding photo book: Give the best man and maid of honour a photo book of your beautiful wedding too. They will enjoy looking back just as much as you do!
Memory photo book: Make a photo book for grandma’s 80th birthday with photos from throughout her life. An unforgettable gift for her. A nice remembrance for you.
Friendship photo book: What could be more obvious? One for your friend, one for you!
Portfolio: For your potential customers…

You can also share your book online, as you see above. So if you would rather do that, read more about sharing your photo book online.