Last nights announcement that albelli photo books had taken the number one spot on the group test of The Gadget Show has provided a lot of excitment in the office today! There’s nothing nicer than being recognised for all your hard work.

About two months ago we were contacted by The Gadget Show, asking if we would like to put our photo books to the test alongside our competitors! “OF COURSE WE DO” was our answer. Even so, it’s always a little nerve racking when you are being tested in this environment… What if they don’t like our software? What if something goes wrong at some point in the process and they receive a less than perfect product? There’s always the risk that you could get a negative review on live television and ruin your hard work!

But, at the end of the day, we believe in our quality and in turn, it performed beautifully against the 14 other entries to take the number one spot! It was fantastic to hear the comments from The Gadget Show team… “I really like the albelli one, the clarity and colour – it looks like real skin tone.

Just what we like to hear.

If you missed the show, you can catch it here, and our press release about the award here.