A few weeks ago, on a particularly sunny afternoon, we decided to put on some music to get us through the work day. But of course, we couldn’t agree on what to listen to. We all wanted to play our favourite songs but at the same time, we were all a bit bored of listening to our same old tunes.

Then, in a stroke of genius, we decided to send out a companywide email requesting everyone to send us their favourite summer songs. With perhaps the fastest ever response time to a company email, we were flooded songs from every department. Some new hits, a few random tunes and a handful of oldies – the albelli summer playlist was born!

Listen to our playlist by clicking on the songs below!

We love the eclectic and (to be honest) quite random mix, so we thought we’d share it with you! After all, who doesn’t love a good summer tune?

So if you need a few tunes to get you through your day, just click the playlist to enjoy some of our favourite summer songs.

Happy listening! ☺