Have you ever seen a plate of food go by and your stomach lets out a growl of longing for it? Yes, we really do eat with our eyes. And to help you take photos that get everyone’s tummy ready for food, we’ve put together a few great food photography tips for you.

In fact, we’ve gone one step further and found a rather delicious Autumnal recipe you could use for your photo. Of course, you could just as easily use one of your own favourites – but the team here can definitely recommend this Shepherd’s Pie recipe!

RECIPE for a really great time:

Ingredients (Serves 6)
•1 red onion
•2 carrots
•2 sticks of celery
•2 cloves of garlic
•a small bunch of fresh rosemary
•olive oil
•500g good-quality minced lamb
•1 x 400g tin of chopped tomatoes
•250ml lamb or vegetable stock, preferably organic
•sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
•1.5kg Desiree potatoes
•100ml semi-skimmed milk
•a large knob of butter


Now, how do you make your food look great in your photos? Here’s our quick fire guide:

1. Take photos using natural light
There’s nothing like a flash or artificial light bearing down on food to make it look flat and dull. It’ll also dispel any delicate natural shadows that give your food its natural allure. So try to use natural light.

2. Choose your props with care
Make sure everything in the frame justifies its existence. Think about tablecloths, spoons, knives, dishes etc. They all add to the mood and feel of your photo (Get your cellphones and mail out of shot).

3. Find the best angle
Get creative and try different angles as certain recipes look far more striking when pictured from above, whilst others often look tastier when shot from lower down.


So, don your chef’s hat, grab the Shepherd’s Pie recipe above and enjoy! Using our tips we’re sure you’ll ‘cook’ up some exquisite images. You could even use them to create your very own photo cook book!

We’d love to see your final photos! Don’t be shy, share your food photographs with us on Instagram and Facebook and enjoy the adoration of all. #albelliFoodPhotos

Until next time!

The albelli Team