best way to store photos tips

With so many photos being taken on different devices these days, it’s never been more important to keep them organised. These simple tips will help you make the most out of your pictures so whether they’re on your phone, camera, social networks or computer they’ll be ordered, neat and ready to turn into something you can enjoy every day.

Start sorting

best way to store photos tips 1

Work out a file system for your photos on your computer. We like saving them by date, including the month and year they were taken but you could also opt for themes or location if you prefer.

All in one place

best way to store photos tips 2

Transfer any photos from your phone or camera using your USB cord. The resolution of the photos won’t be altered and they’ll all be in one place.

Get social

best way to store photos tips 3

If you upload most of your photos to social networks, it’s always a good idea to save the original photo on your computer or using a cloud service as social networks and apps often compress the images, affecting the quality.

The best ways to share

best way to store photos tips 4

When you’re sharing photos with family and friends, use a cloud service like Dropbox, iCloud or Google Photos rather than WhatsApp or social media as again, the photos are likely to be compressed.

Start scanning

best way to store photos tips 5

Scan old photos so that you have digital copies that can be shared with family and friends. Our favourite scanning app is PicScanner as you can edit your photos by adding filters, correcting the perspective and cropping. We also recommend Heirloom and CamScanner.

Why not put an evening aside and sort out all of your pictures? Send them to friends and family as you go along as an incentive for getting organised. And once you’ve finished, choose your favourite moments and turn them into beautiful photo products.