As soon as you start school, September becomes the official ‘back to school’ month. It’s the time of year to make a fresh start and become a better person. So it makes sense that making resolutions for yourself in September tend to stick better than the ones that you make in January. In January we can hardly drag ourselves out of bed let alone start going to the gym every morning. But in September, as the kids go back to school and the chaos of summer is behind us, it’s a chance to make some changes that might actually last.

Get organised

First things first, you won’t stick to any of your new goals if you don’t keep yourself organised. Luckily our personalised calendars can start on any month of the year. So create a calendar with September as the first month and hang it up in your kitchen. Mark on all the events that you and your family have coming up, including birthdays, parties and the more mundane things like appointments. It will take you right through to next September and will mean you won’t have to order a calendar in December when you’re busy with all the trappings of Christmas.

Bring your home into autumn

Now that it’s a bit colder outside you’ll be spending more time at home, so make sure it’s a space you love spending time in. Surround yourself with photos of your favourite moments and treat your walls like a gallery of your friends and family. Read about the most popular interior trends for autumn to get some inspiration on updating your home this season.

Make plans with friends

If the children have gone back to school after a long summer break, use September as a chance to catch up with friends you might not have seen for a while. By November people are often already busy with Christmas plans, so use this quieter month to your advantage. A quick coffee or a nice dinner with friends is good for the soul and will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Mix it up with decorative props

Plants, ornaments, clocks and lights can all be used to make your display more appealing. Simply line up your photo products and then place some props in between them to create a sophisticated display.

Design tip: Keep the colours of your props neutral to avoid your shelves looking too busy.

Learn to live in the moment

With ever advancing technology, it can be hard these days to disconnect. From your phone, from your emails and from social media. But use this month to make a conscious effort to live in the moment. Instead of taking photographs and instantly uploading them to Facebook, why not take a break from social media and instead create a photo book of all the photos you take this month. It’s so satisfying having something to hold and you’ll look back on it much more than you do your Facebook timeline.

Celebrate your successes

Once you do achieve some of your September resolutions, be kind to yourself. Celebrate your own successes. This could mean treating yourself to something you’ve been wanting to buy or simply by having the nicer coffee with your breakfast. We also love marking our achievements on our calendar. Sort of like when you give children a gold star. Give yourself one too. You deserve it.

Once you’ve set out an action plan, have a look at our calendars to decide which one will guide you through your new resolutions. We’ve got over 25 pre-designed calendars for you to choose from including one with a different inspirational quote for each month which is sure to keep you motivated once January does roll round. We love hearing about how you embrace the new season too so get involved on social media using the #albelli hashtag. You could also share this blog with friends and family using the icons below to inspire them to also hit refresh this month.