When we saw Brenda’s photo book of New Zealand for the first time, we loved it so much that we just had to share it!

The bright colours and sun, wide landscape, and photo composition builds an experience of New Zealand so well, that you could swear you were there too!

We had a little chat with her to learn more about her book and here’s what she told us.

Brenda, what was the reason of your trip to New Zealand?
I went to NZ in February 2011 because I’d always wanted to complete my internship abroad. It’s the reason I ended up at the Auckland University of Technology.

The quality of your photos are amazing! What kind of camera did you use?
A Nikon D40 with UV and Polarizer. Aside from converting some colour photos into black and white ones, I haven’t altered the pictures at all. I prefer to capture  the best of reality as I see it through my camera than altering it later to the point of creating an illusion.

Did you take all the photos yourself?
Well partly. The photographs of the landscape I took myself, except for the building of the university. The photographs where you see people interacting etc. were taken by all the nice people I met.

We see that you’ve used the Polaroid effect a lot. Is that a favourite of yours?
I was looking around on your inspiration pages and saw the nice Polaroid effect. That appealed to me a lot, because you can add text in the white area. I think it’s always nice to to that instead of adding a whole paragraph. Then I’d rather write a book instead.

The Polaroid effect in Brenda’s photo book

Have you created other photo books?
I have already created a book about onions in my student days. But that book had more text and photos in a more rigid structure. The beautiful photographs of New Zealand has given me the motivation to make more creative photo books.

Just curious: any plans to travel again in the near future?
I really want to travel again. During my study period in New Zealand, I had a lot of free time to see the place. This made me realise that I really had an urge to travel. Money does not grow on trees so I’m working 36 hours a week. But I can definitely see a new adventure in near the future! I think maybe America, or perhaps even return back to Australia to see more of the country.

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