Animal loving Brits take more photos of their pets than they do of their children, according to the results of a nationwide photography survey by bonusprint, while as many as half of all the 13 billion photos we now take each year are snapped on mobile phones.

Meanwhile, one in five amateur snappers regularly takes pictures of themselves, one in 10 confesses to taking their camera to the bedroom to spice up their love life and one in 20 admits that unsuspecting ‘strangers’ are among the subjects they most like to take pictures of.

The survey of more than 1,000 adults also found that one out of four Brits now regularly erases digital images to forget painful periods of their lives, with pictures of ex husbands, wives and partners most likely to be consigned to the digital dump bin.

Only one in 10 of those surveyed said they still used a conventional film camera, with the rest splitting their digital photography output between cameras and mobile phones. Of those, three out of four said they took up to half their images on mobiles, while one out of four said they used the hand-held devices to take either most or all of their photos.

Overall, holidays were found to be the most popular subject for photographs with 75% of those surveyed saying they always packed a camera on their travels. General shots of family and friends came second with 73% of respondents regularly taking such pictures, followed by birthdays and anniversaries (58%) and wives, husbands and partners (53%). However, pets (48%) came ahead of children (46%) and special family occasions like Christmas (44%) and weddings (37%) in the list of most frequently photographed subjects.

Women were found to be the most snap happy around pets, with 54% saying they regularly took pictures of their favourite animals compared with 45% who took pictures of their children or grandchildren. By contrast, men were found to be far more family loyal with 47% regularly snapping their children and only 41% taking pictures of pets.

The fascinating snapshot of the UK’s changing photography habits in the 21st century, also suggests that more than 13 billion photos are now taken in the UK each year with the average adult opening the shutter no fewer than 268 times.

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