It’s a familiar scene. The sun light dancing on the water’s surface captivates you so much, you just have to take a picture! You need to get a bit closer to take a perfect shot and even though it’s risky, you inch forward… and whoops, a slip-up! There goes your digital camera splashing into the water! Don’t panic… if you act quickly, there’s a good chance you can rescue it.

The first impulse is to see if your digital camera still works by turning it on (or turning it off then on). This is never a good idea as it tends to cause the camera to short circuit. Once you’ve fished the camera out, remove the battery as quickly as possible. Then remove the memory card (and lens if that’s possible).

Once you have everything apart, dry each one using a hair dryer blowing cold air. Better yet, close the battery and memory card compartments and place your camera in a bag of uncooked rice for a day. Using a separate bag, do the same for the battery and lens. Rice is a natural moisture absorbent and will make everything dry.

It is said that for every second a camera was in the water, you need a day to let it dry. We’re not sure if this is exactly true, but it’s a good indicator of how long you the drying process needs to be.

After a day, remove your camera from the bag of rice and open the chambers to allow the interior to dry. Do this for a day before assembling your camera again. Should it still not work, then repeat the whole process again.

Good luck and remember, next time…  mind the feet as much as the scenery!