football photo

With the summer sporting season fast-approaching, this month, we want you to capture images that say “Action.” Perhaps it’s a picture of the beginning of a new adventure, a dance move, the final pass in a game of sports, a peaceful protest or something else that you can catch in ‘in-the-moment’.

Capturing action is an interesting way to tell a story in a photo, and though it may be challenging, the results are really rewarding and manage to take you back to the moment every single time. Take a look at some of our favourite images below to help you get started:


skateboarding photo


action photo girl jumping on the sky


dog on skateboard


Lights, camera…ACTION

It doesn’t matter whether you use your professional camera or an iPhone camera, we are excited to see your ‘action’ inspired images either way. Plus, with our new smartphone app, you can snap, select and order a soft cover photo book right in the middle of all the action!

P.S Still in need of inspiration? Don’t worry, you can also take a peek at a previous blog post on how to capture motion for some extra ideas and tips.

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