Hi everyone! I’m Megan Alter, the albelli summer photographer. I’m here to bring you some tips to make the most of the bright summer light. Today’s tips are all about capturing great landscapes.

Seeing a beautiful landscape stretch out in front of you is so inspiring and can create wonderful photos. But capturing them can be tricky as your camera sees things differently to your eye and we sometimes try to include too many elements. It’s why choosing what you put in the frame is so important. Try using the tips below and you’ll be capturing great photos in no time.

1. Rule of thirds: The rule is that it’s more interesting to align the horizon with the top or bottom third of the frame. Choose which is more interesting to you the sky or the foreground.


2. Shoot at magic hour: This is the first hour when the sun rises, and the last hour before the sun sets. I love them both! This is especially important because they can create shadows that stretch across the landscape adding drama to the scene.

Picture 358b

3. Get a clear focal point: By getting rid of any distractions it helps your subject stand out, so focus on the clear part of your surroundings.


4. Shoot close up: Focusing on one detail of the landscape is a great way to reduce distracting elements in your image.


5. Photograph unique angles: It’s natural to shoot from eye level, but try a different perspective. Go high for a bird’s eye view. Or kneel down to capture a frog’s eye view – that’s looking up! Simply changing the angle can create the most original images.


Remember, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take great photos. Just follow these simple steps and I’m sure you’ll have some incredible photos.

Don’t forget to submit your shots to our summer photo contest and share them with family and friends with one of our photo books.

Stay tuned to the albelli blog for more of my summer photography tips. Of course, I’m always happy to learn new tricks too – what tips do you use to take great landscape photos?
Until next time!

Megan x