Hi everyone! I’m Megan Alter, the albelli summer photographer. The tricky thing about motion is that it’s, well, moving! I’ve come to love freezing motion. You’re seeing something you could never see with your own eyes, like something suspended in mid-air. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Pick a location and time with a lot of light: Before we begin with the functional tips, here’s my first piece of advice: bright sunlight is a key ingredient to capturing great motion pictures. Indoor photos just don’t really have enough light. So, let’s head outside into the sun and get started!

Picture 414

2. Freeze a moment: Bright sunlight allows for a fast shutter speed and enables us to freeze a moment, like photographing your friends diving into a pool, skipping on a rope or a bird in flight. Count 1,2,3 with your subject so you’re ready to go together. 1,2,3 shoot!


3. Capture moments that anticipate speed: Let the viewer use their imagination to envision the motion that has happened before or after a photo. Like seeing someone about to throw a ball, or a skateboarder who’s about to roll off the edge. Get close to your subject, I find this makes for more impressive photos.


4. It’s all about flowing hair: Let your hair down and let it blow in the wind, see if you can take it without your hand in the picture. You’ve got to be quick! For me, flowing hair perfectly expresses the freedom of summer in an image.


5. Use props: Go on, go crazy. Throw things in the air. Use fabrics, flowers, the pages of a book. You name it, get creative and make the most of your environment.


Capturing motion is great fun and once you get it right, you’ll have some wonderfully original photographs to decorate your wall. I’ll be posting loads more tricks on the albelli social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so stay tuned!

Until next time, Megan x