A little girl wearing roller skates, against a pink backdrop, dressed as a superhero in a pink cape, with ‘super’ in typography in the background.

Who’s your everyday hero? Whether it’s your supermum, a legendary dad, or your kids are pint-sized superheroes, show them how amazing they are with these photo gift and card ideas from bonusprint. We’ve even got you covered if you need to buy some presents from your little ones.

You could put a mini-parade down on the pages of a photo book, get creative with wall art, or give their mornings a boost with a photo mug. There are loads of creative ways to tell someone they’re special. Here some top present ideas to get you started.

For a legendary dad

A photo of a man, wearing a red shirt, stood against a pale blue backdrop, reading a personalised photo book.

Got the world’s greatest dad? You can put all your favourite memories (and those classic embarrassing moments) into a photo book he’ll love. Get customising it with clip art and include some of his cheesiest jokes. And if you’re a bit stuck with the creative side of things, check out our pre-designed ‘My Hero’ photo book. It’ll make the perfect present for Father’s Day or a big birthday bash.

Create a photo book for dad

To my supermum

A photo of a woman dressed in yellow and red, against a pale blue background, reading a yellow customised photo book.

Maybe your special lady’s been both a mum and a dad to you over the years? Show her she’s your number one with a photo book full of all the moments that make her an incredible mum. You can relive all your adventures together, flip through holiday photos, and remember all the best birthday cakes she made for you as a kid. She’d love it for Mother’s Day, but if you don’t want to wait to tell her how great she is, why not surprise her out of the blue instead?

Create a photo book for mum

For the amazing aunt 

A photo of a woman in a pink t-shirt, hanging a canvas wall art of two kids in superhero costumes, against a bright yellow wall.

She’s the cool one who sneaks sweets to the kids, takes them skating in the park, and lets them stay up way past their bedtime when she’s babysitting. If your kids’ faces light up the most when their aunty comes to town, show her some love with a custom wall art. Get the kids to help create it and add their favourite photo so she can hang it in pride of place at home.

Create wall art for their aunty

For your pint-sized superhero

A little girl wearing roller skates, against a pink backdrop, dressed as a superhero in a pink cape, with ‘super’ in typography in the background.

Little ones mean the world to us. From the day they come into your life, they make every day worth remembering. So, why not get creative with those moments and make party cards for their birthdays? There are loads of cute card options you can customise. Just pick a theme, upload their most adorable pics, and add your own text. You can send out matching ‘thank you’ cards afterwards too.

Create your kid’s party invites

For your not-so-little superheroA girl sitting on the floor wearing a pink dress and black Dr Martens-style boots, against a pink backdrop, holding party invitation cards. 

When your little heroes don’t seem so little anymore, and they’re ready to mark a milestone birthday or maybe a communion, you can throw them a party to remember. Start with the invitations – you can get them to help with the creative bit and choosing a photo if they’re notoriously picky about their style. Then post them out to all the VIPs on the guestlist.

Create communion cards

To a hero of a teacher

A man in a mustard-coloured shirt, against a blue background, holding a customised mug with ‘world’s best teacher’ on.

There’s always that one teacher or tutor who inspires your little heroes in training. They might have sparked their love of languages, made them obsessed with music or helped them take on the toughest maths problems. To say a huge ‘thank you’ for all they’ve done, why not brighten up their coffee breaks with a personalised mug from the kids?

Create photo mugs for their tutor

For a dynamic duo

Two women wearing stripey tops, holding photo prints next to each other.

Heroes hardly ever work alone. Whoever’s the Batman to your Robin, whether it’s your best friend for life or your other half, print all your best moments together. You can start a scrapbook out of your favourite photo prints that’ll make a great gift for their next birthday.

Create photo prints for your best friend

Sidekicks are heroes too

Stacked square blue plinths with prints of pet photos on, including a French bulldog dressed as a superhero in a red cape.

For all the pet-obsessed out there, this one’s more of a gift for yourself. Your wonder-pet is always there to save the day and gives you countless cuddles when you need them most. If you’re constantly taking pics of their most adorable moments, why not print those super cute shots on retro prints to brighten up your home?

Create retro prints of your pets

How will you celebrate your everyday hero? Pick your favourite photos of your favourite people (or pets, of course) and start getting creative with bonusprint.