Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, the perfect time to get together with your friends for some festive fun. From ice skating in your local park to a very merry carol-oke night, here are ten fun festive activities to make your “Friendsmas” one you’ll be talking about for years to come!

1. Deck the halls

Decorating your home for Christmas is a whole lot more fun when your friends are involved. Get your Christmas tree into position, grab your garlands and decorations from the attic and let your little helpers work their magic! Don’t forget to stock up on a bottle of sherry and plenty of mince pies to keep your energy levels up. This is the perfect Friendsmas night in!

2. Plan a Friendsmas shopping spree

There’s something magical about hitting the shops and Christmas markets on a crisp winter’s day in search of special gifts for your loved ones. Make it even more magical by joining forces with your besties and leveling up your shopping spree with cosy coffee breaks and lots of laughter. The shopping doesn’t have to stop once you get home! Put your heads together over a glass of mulled wine and help each other design stunning photo books to gift to your loved ones – you may even have photos of each other that you can include!

3. Get your skates on

Whether you’re practising your pirouettes or simply trying to stay upright, no Friendsmas would be complete without a trip to the local ice rink. Be sure to wear your mittens and a woolly hat, and don’t forget to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and good old laugh at your performance (or lack of) on the ice!

4. Throw a gift-wrapping party

It takes quite a bit of time to wrap up all of those lovely Christmas gifts, so why not make an evening of it with your mates and get it done together. Ask your friends to supply some pretty bows and rolls of wrapping paper – in return you can supply the drinks and nibbles. You’ll get the job done in no time and no doubt have some jolly good fun in the process!

5. Have a not-so-silent-night with a carol-oke party

Why not get your chums together for a heartwarming night of “carol-oke”? Whether it’s Jingle Bells or the latest popchart Christmas hits, there’s no better time to belt out your favourite festive classics. Warm up some mulled wine and light some candles to make it extra special!

6. Come together for card writing club

It really is the thought that counts, and what better way to let your loved one know you’re thinking of them than by sending them a beautiful Christmas card. Get your friends together for a wholesome card writing session and keep each other company as you put pen to paper. For an extra special treat, why not use your photos to create personalised Christmas cards that your loved ones will be proud to display on the fireplace next to their stockings?

7. Plan a potluck party

Gather your foodie friends for a Christmas potluck party and indulge in your favourite festive flavours. If each guest brings a different Christmas treat, you’ll have a feast to share in no time. Set up a group chat to avoid duplicates – but don’t forget to arrange a triple portion of pigs in blankets…

8. Organise a Christmas cinema club

From Home Alone to Elf, Christmas is a dream for filmlovers. Why not get your little helpers together for a marathon day and night cinema session, with each person picking their favourite film. Make it even more special by getting dressed up as your favourite movie character/s! And don’t forget to stock up on Christmas treats – hot choc and cinnamon popcorn, anyone?

9. De-stress with a spa day

All that planning, shopping and pre-Christmas-partying can be quite stressful. So why not get together with your best buddies for an indulgent self-care day at the spa. Treat yourself to a manicure, massage or facial and allow your mind, body and spirit to recover in time for the big event on Christmas Day. Think of it as a Christmas gift to yourself. And if anyone questions you, just tell them you spent the day shopping.

10. Set up a Secret Santa

Gift-giving is one of the great joys of Christmas, but it needn’t be limited to family members! Set up a Secret Santa night, where each friend can randomly select a name to buy a fun gift for. The main goal is to make sure nobody knows who has bought which gift, which means the gifts can be as fun and silly as you like. From hilarious photos printed on mugs to random items that will leave them in hysterics, a Secret Santa is perfect for any Friendsmas party!

However you choose to celebrate Christmas with your friends, remember to keep your phone/camera nearby to capture all the fun friendsmas frolics. Who knows, you may even capture some classic snaps to print on next year’s Christmas cards!