fast photo book

Busy schedules, long working days and not much time to ourselves mean that some things we want to do (like organising our photographs) never get done. But it doesn’t have to be like that! We’ve put together a handy guide to show you how to create a photo book in under an hour and our content specialist Liz has put it to the test. Here she shares her hints and tips for quick and easy photo booking so you don’t have to miss out…


Step 1: Plan your photo book (5 mins)

I recommend thinking of a theme for your book like a recent trip, a year of photos or a party (my book was of my holiday in Portugal). Then decide what format book you’d like to create and how many pages – I went for our most popular book – Landscape L with 24 pages.

fast photo book 1


Step 2: Get the photos into a folder on your computer (25 mins)

This is an important step and took nearly half my time. Get your photos from your phone or camera onto your computer. For android users you can download them from Google Photos and iPhone users can do the same from iCloud. Then collect any from WhatsApp or your camera roll by connecting your phone to your computer with a USB cord.

fast photo book 2

Top tip: connect your digital camera to your computer like I did with my phone


Step 3: Add your photos to your book (10 mins)

Download the creator tool if you don’t already have it then decide how to add your photos to your book – I found manual fill was faster than auto fill and I liked the control it gave me. Organise your pages chronologically or by image colour and style so that it’s faster and easier to choose photos for each page. Then make use of the automatically filled photo and text layouts or use the layout options under the ‘Page’ tab to quickly apply layouts of your choice.

fast photo book 3

Top tip: Think about how many photos you have to work with versus pages and choose your layout based on that


Step 4: Design your book (15 mins)

Even though it took a bit more time, I couldn’t resist embellishing mine with some of our recently updated clipart and backgrounds. Take a minute to quickly look at the options under the ‘Insert’ tab – since my book was about my beach trip in Portugal I went for a green ‘Colours On-trend’ background and beach clipart from the ‘Travel’ theme.

fast photo book 4

Top tip: keep it simple by choosing just one or two elements for the entire book


Step 5: Preview and order (5 mins)

You’ll be taken to the website where you can sign-in or create an account and pay for your book. If you have a promotion code (for example, from our newsletter) you can add it during the check-out process.

fast photo book 5


So there you have it. Check out the finished product here if you want to see how it turned out. And if you’ve got an hour to spare why not try making your photo book now? Or you could always try our smartphone and iPad apps as another way to create fast photo books.