Personalised Valentine's Day gifts - albelli blog

Valentine’s Day – it’s simply unavoidable when February comes around. And one can almost feel the collective holding of breath and beating hearts… well, almost.

Whether we do so secretly or openly, February is a time for everyone to celebrate the relationships we treasure. Gone are the days when Valentine’s Day was to be enjoyed by couples alone. These days, just about anyone who’s dear to your heart, for whatever reason, can be your Valentine.

So this year, why not forget the usual flowers and candy and give a gift that’s more meaningful? Like a photo gift you created! Taking the effort to create a gift definitely speaks for itself: creating one with your photos and memories makes it even better.

View our list of beautiful photo gift ideas and get some ideas of what you can create for V Day. All of these ideas hold all the emotion and love you can muster, some won’t break the bank and just take minutes to create online or on your desktop