13 ways to create your very own series of photo books

By Bonusprint on 29 December 2022

Turn all those photos trapped on your phone into an amazing series of photo books anyone would be proud to have at home.

If you’re like us, your phone and computer are packed to the rafters with photos. But a phone is no place to let them languish, that’s why we’ve come up with 13 ideas to create a series of photo books, so you can group them into themes, chronologically, or in any way you choose. So you can give your photos the place they deserve.

People you love

Group the photos of the people that matter most to you into collections of photo books. Make a book of family members, close friends and partner, for instance. It’s a great way to always be reminded of all the great people in your life. And they’ll love to see themselves featured in your home! Check our family history blog to get ideas for who to create for.

As a title idea for your photo books, you could give each book the name of the person you are dedicating it to. Or get creative and dedicate each book to their roles they play in your life:
My one love.
My partner in crime.
My little monkey.

A record of growing up

Record each year of your kids’ lives with a series of photo books, and you’ll be able to look back at every moment with a nostalgic smile when they’re all grown up – and embarrass them in front of friends or a date too! For a bit more inspiration, check out our baby photo book ideas, and our baby photography tips too.

Title ideas for your photo books:
Eva’s first year; Eva’s second year
Eva, Year 1; Eva, Year 2

The story of your relationship

Document the story of your relationship in a series of photo books, with one for every year or every six months. From the first few dates to meeting the parents and moving in together, you’ll treasure these photo books when you’re looking back at your lives together in years to come.

Title ideas for your photo books:

Eva & Alex 2021; Eva & Alex 2022
You and I 2021; You and I 2022

Your big annual holiday

Create a photo book full of all the moments, big and small, that you capture on your big summer holiday. When friends or family are thinking of making the same trip, whip out the book and give them lots of ideas. Plus, it’s always great to look back on the good times when the weather at home takes a bad turn. Read our guide to be inspired by our beautiful travel pre-designs.

Title ideas for your photo books:
Canada 2020; France 2021; Thailand 2022
An Australian winter; A Peruvian summer
Our Great British adventure; Our Roman holiday; Our French foray

A series of cookbooks

If you’re a keen home cook with a roster of recipes at your disposal, then create a series of your very own cookbooks to take them to the next level. Sort them by course, ingredient, taste or season and then cram the photo books full of recipes and mouth-watering food photography. These tips should help you out with inspiring ideas on how to make your own cookbook.

Title ideas for your photo books:
Breakfast in bed; Let’s have lunch; Dine with me
Sweet; Bitter; Spicy; Salty
Cooking Summer; Cooking Autumn; Cooking Winter; Cooking Spring

Your travels through the year

Sort all your travel photos per year and put each year into a single book. Rinse and repeat for each year and before you know it, you’ll have an anthology of books celebrating all of your adventures – big and small. You’ll have your own chronological travel log, ready to inspire friends and family with all the magical places you’ve been to!

Title ideas for your photo books:
2021 Travels; 2022 Travels
Around the World in 2021; Around the World in 2022
My travels of 2021; My travels of 2022

Your weekend getaways

A small square photo book is the perfect way to capture all those moments from your city break or weekend-getaway. They’re small, very affordable and easy to make, so this small book series even works if you’re making multiple trips per year. Check out our city break photo book ideas blog for inspiration!

Title ideas for your photo books:
Lisbon, May 2020; Vienna, December 2019
Eating our way around Paris; Dancing our way around Seville; Cycling our way around Amsterdam
London with Alex; Milan with Vanessa

The seasonal festivities

With everyone leading such busy lives, seasonal celebrations like Christmas and Easter might be the only time your whole family are in one place. So be sure to capture these precious few moments and create a photo book of the day or weekend and build it up into a series. They make great gifts and are always fun to crack out at next year’s get-together.

Title ideas for your photo books:
Easter 2021; Christmas 2022;
Something to celebrate 2021; Something to celebrate 2022

A year in review book for every year

Create a year in review of all the special moments from the last 12 months – with friends at the park, with family at the dinner table, or with that special-someone lounging on the couch. They’re the perfect way to celebrate all the little details that make up our everyday lives. Check out these creative ideas for a year in review photo book for inspiration!

Title ideas for your photo books:
2021; 2022
The year of the dog; Year of the pig; Year of the snake
The year we moved house; The year we had a baby; The year we went travelling

The secret life of pets

Celebrate each of those “awww”-inspiring moments your furry friends create with photo books chronicling their adorable lives. We guarantee you’ll be cooing over them for years to come. Short on great pet pics? Check out these tips on how to make amazing photos of your pet!

Title ideas for your photo books:
Baxter 2021; Molly 2022
Life with Dogs; Life with Cats; Life with Rabbits

Season by season

If you’ve got more photos than a simple year photo book could do justice, try breaking them down into seasonal volumes for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. A nice touch is to have a photo of your favourite spot – be it your street, your local park, or your local pub – in every volume to give it a real seasonal feel. Check out our beach photography tips if you really want to make that summer edition shine.

Title ideas for your photo books:
Summer 2022; Autumn 2022; Winter 2022; Spring 2022
Winter sunsets; Summer sunsets
Winter in the mountains; Summer at the beach

A family year in review book

To most of us, family is the pillar at the centre of our lives, and there’s no better way to celebrate that shared connection than with a yearly family photo book. Celebrate all your moments together and you’ll be able to look back at how much the family has grown for years to come. Check out our group photography tips to help take the stress out of those big family shots!

Title ideas for your photo books:
The Smiths 2019; The Smiths 2020
Family get-togethers 2021; Family get-togethers 2022

Photography themes

Whether you’ve just got into photography or have a portfolio that goes back years, creating a photo book series of photography themes can be a great way to showcase your talent. You could colour code your photos or group them with more abstract themes, and they’ll be a great reference point to look back on as your photography skills develop.

Title ideas for your photo books:
Black and white; Sepia; Colour
Architecture; Nature; Portraits
Pink; Blue; Green; Orange

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