7 ways to make your Christmas card stand out

By Bonusprint on 12 November 2022

Forget emails or a Facebook message, and don’t even think about sending a text. A personalised card is the only way to pass on your seasons’ greetings this Christmas. Check out our guide to making a one-of-a-kind personalised card this year.

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Here at bonusprint, our talented team of illustrators have been busy hand-drawing over 50 new Christmas card designs for you guys. That means you’ll have 300 festive options to choose from – so you’ll always find something to match your Christmas card style. All our cards can be completely personalised and made to stand out from rest when they’re hanging in the houses of everyone you send them to. We know that the run-up to Christmas can be a really busy time, so we’ve made creating your Christmas cards as simple as possible. Our pre-designed templates are really easy to use and all of them are 100% customisable so you can make your Christmas cards unique this year.

Make a collage

As we come to the end of this extraordinary year, why not reflect on everything that’s happened over the past 12 months with a collage? Using all the pics you’ve taken since January, choose your favourite pictures that sum up the best bits of your year. It may be the new hobby you took up, the times you managed a group get together, fun at home with the family or the interior design revamp you did of your house. Whatever it is, it feels good to celebrate your achievements with your friends and family — and a Christmas card is the perfect way to do it!

As simple as black and white

It doesn’t get much more elegant than a black and white photo card. Going monochrome is a great way to send a stylish Christmas card. If this sort of card fits your style, we suggest taking a look at a couple of our pre-designed templates, such as ‘Chalkboard and gold‘ or ‘Word Tree‘. All our pre-design templates are totally customisable so you can get them exactly how you like, and these designs will look awesome hanging above a fireplace or on the sideboard. Black and white photo cards are really good to use with close up portrait pics of you, your family or even dramatic landscapes.

Add some typography

You don’t always have to use a photo on the front of your bonusprint Christmas card. For something a bit different why not simply add your own message on there? Using our online editor, you can put on your graphic designer hat and create some awesome text art. We’ve got a huge range of fonts from contemporary and sleek, to fun and classic Christmas, which will make your card really stand out. You can also add photos to the inside of the card as a great surprise to the people you’re sending them to. We’ve got all aspects of creating a great Christmas card or how to display them covered on our blog, even down to a handy guide on what to write inside.

Delve into our clip art library

We have an enormous clip art library to use with all our photo products, and our in-house team have hand-drawn over 300 Christmas illustrations for you to use this year. As we know you want your card to stand out from the rest, this is where you can really get personalising. Choose from our clip art images, our frames, fonts and more to make your card really unique. You can even use them with the pre-designed templates too. You’ll have loads of fun adding extra bits to your card to make it as Christmassy and customised as you like. Adding your personal touch will make your Christmas card everyone’s favourite this year.

Be a show off

If you’ve had some great news this year, then don’t be shy — let everybody know! If you’ve got engaged, had a baby, had a promotion, got a new pet or moved house, let your friends and family know this Christmas. We’re pretty sure that, especially in this year, getting good news from you will bring some sunshine to their day. Sending them a photo of your news will be a fantastic way to tell them what you’ve been up to (and to say Happy Christmas too).

Go pro

We know how hectic family life can be, but if you can all spare an afternoon, getting some professional photos taken it will really move your Christmas cards to another level. Most photographers will either have a studio for you to go to or will happily come to your house and set one up there. It’s a great way to spend some time with the family all in one place and to get some really lovely shots to use on your photo products. If you’d like to have a go at some pro photos yourself first, then check out our guide to photography basics.

Play for laughs

Live, love, laugh. It’s a mantra many people live by and we totally agree. There aren’t many better feelings than when you make your friends and family burst out laughing. So have a think about what you can do with your Christmas card to make them break into a big old grin. When you’re taking your photos for this year’s card, try doing something silly that will crack them up. Funny faces and silly situations are always a good start, and why not throw some unusual props into the mix too.

This Christmas, forget traipsing around the shops trying to find the most perfect cards to send. Instead, make a really personal one with bonusprint. Knowing that you put some work into creating it, and that it’s totally unique, will make your friends and family love it even more. Creating something yourself will also make your card stand out from all the others this year. Just click the button below and get making the best Christmas card your loved ones will get this year.

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