Christmas card design ideas

By Bonusprint on 18 October 2019

Creating your own personalised photo Christmas is the perfect way to end the year with your favourite photos.

At bonusprint we have the ideas that will help you to create the perfect card that will then help you celebrate the way you want, and we’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide to creating your very own personalised Christmas cards.

Pick a size

First and foremost you need to choose a shape, size and design that suits your needs, and photos needs, best. Have a think about the images you’re looking to use and how they’ll fit on the card. And who will you be sending them too – make sure the photos you’re using fit with your audience.

There’s a great range of bonusprint photo cards whether you want portrait, landscape or square sizes and if you’d prefer folded or flat photo cards. The choice is yours but rest assured, whichever card you choose comes with its own envelopes.

Pre design or blank page?

Once you’ve logged in to the bonusprint online editor, you can choose from one of our fantastic pre designed templates to help you lay your photo card out. We’ve got templates that range from funny, to timeless classic to cutting edge graphic design trends. Or, if you’d prefer to follow your own creative path, you can choose to start with a card that’s blank inside and out and add your own flourishes.

Uploading and laying your photos out

Uploading your photos to the online bonusprint editor couldn’t be easier – it’s like adding an attachment to an email. Just click the upload photos button and choose the images you’re looking to use. Once they’ve uploaded you’ll be able to select a photo and drag it into your design layout. Once it’s on your card you can resize and rotate them until you’ve got the photo card layout you’re after.

Choose a background

It’s important to match the right background colour to your photo choices, design and theme and it’s very straightforward to do. Just choose the Background tab in the online editor and then choose the colour you’d prefer for each side of the card.

To give you a helping hand we’ve grouped background colours that we think reflect various events and design trends that you can access really simply from the drop down menu. Just click on the colour you prefer to change the background on the photo card.

Add your own text

As it’s your personalised Christmas card you should be the one writing the message inside. That’s why we’ve got a text editor for you. Just click on the ’T’ on the toolbar and you’ll be able to type your Christmas greeting, choose the font, colour and style and move the text box around the page to put where you like.

If you find yourself with writers block, check out our blog of things to write in your Christmas card.

Get customising

Now it’s time to customise your photo Christmas card and this is where the bonusprint online editor really comes into its own. Select the frame options to make your photos extra fun – just drag the one you want onto your card and it will automatically size itself to the photo’s dimensions.

Choosing one of the masks will really make your card stand out. Just click on the image you want to apply a mask to and then select one from the left hand menu and it will adjust accordingly. We’ve also got a whole host of Christmas-themed Clip Art for you to add to your card too. When you’re done with all of this your Christmas card will be truly personalised.

Get glossy

Once you’ve previewed your Christmas card and are happy with your selection, click on ‘Add to Basket and this will take you through to choose what paper finish you want. All bonusprint cards are matt as standard but to really make your photos shine, choose the gloss button to have them printed on professional quality paper with high colour intensity and sharpness, a smooth surface and a brilliant glossy finish.

Order your photo cards

You’re nearly done. Once you’e chosen your glossy finish you just need to click continue and you’ll be taken to the payment page. Once you’re done with this all you need to do is sit back and wait for your brilliant personalised photo Christmas cards to arrive in the mail. Great job!

To start creating your very own personalised photo Christmas cards, simply head over to the bonusprint cards page to browse through all our fantastic products and offers and get creating an incredible photo project now.