Get creative with these interior design trends for spring

By Bonusprint on 24 April 2023

With spring in full swing, now’s a great time to give your space a refresh. Get started with these five interior design trends that are currently on the rise.

Spring has fully settled in, and it’s time to revamp the look and feel of your home. From adding earth tones to your space to mixing colours and patterns together, home décor just got easier with our wall art. Here are five different design trends that’ll create a fresh look for your rooms.


If you’re looking for a style that’s larger than life, maximalism is perfect for showcasing your personality and tastes. A key part of this trend is its colourful, layered approach to decorating. Consider telling a story with the furniture you have in mind to create something that’s truly unique to you, and most importantly, creates a lived-in feel.

While you’re at it, why not highlight your most vibrant photos with wall art? Try mixing different snaps and materials for added depth and complexity. Whether it’s a classic like canvas or something contemporary like aluminium, they’ll fit right in and add a nice contrast with your furniture, especially if you have neutral-coloured walls.

Something old with something new

If you prefer something more low-key instead, try adding things such as wall art and houseplants to your home. It’ll add new, subtle touches to your interior design that give your space a refreshed feel. While this style also works well with different wall art materials, consider going with aluminium wall art – it enhances your snaps and has a ‘floating’ effect when hung, making your photos pop.

Earth tones

Looking for something closer to a down-to-Earth, nature inspired look? Decorating your space with Earth tones is a great way to pay homage to the outdoors. While your first thought might be to give your walls a paint job, hanging up wall art and other decorations is quicker and goes easy on your wallet.

Your favourite photographs of nature and the outdoors will make for great contrast against white or light-coloured walls. For extra depth and vibrancy, try our acrylic wall art – it’ll add a beautiful shine to your snaps and makes them stand out.

Mixing materials and designs

Mix and match your materials, colours, and designs to create a space that feels lived in. Try placing furniture in different styles together to see how they contrast against each other. For a centrepiece that’s easy on the eyes, consider adding wall art of your favourite moments. With our aluminium wall art’s metallic finish, it’ll be incredibly versatile while also highlighting the tones of your photos – whether it’s in full colour or in black and white.

Bold patterns and colours

Whether it’s for your walls or on your furniture, using bold patterns and colours brings a vibrant feel to your home. You can accessorise with smaller decorations, like multiple wall art or throw pillows – making it a trend that’s versatile and easy to work with.

For those looking to mix and match patterns, consider having a colour palette in mind so it’s easier to tie everything together. Wall art’s a great way to start – consider using pics with similar accent colours, whether it’s in the clothes of your portraits or the tones of your landscape snaps.

From something larger than life to mixing designs together, there are loads of ways to get creative with your spring interior design makeover – wall art’s just one of them. Start designing yours today by clicking the button below.

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