How to get creative with all your summer photos

By Bonusprint on 15 August 2022

How do you make your summer last that little bit longer? Turn all your sunny moments into bonusprint photo books, wall art, and more. Take a look at these easy creative ideas to get started.

With a few taps of the bonusprint app or a little dash of creativity on our online and desktop editors, you can relive all your amazing summer moments, and share them with your friends and family too. From photo books to cheerful customisable cards, here’s how to celebrate your summer in print.

Create a mini coffee table book

A little book goes a long way. Huge coffee table books always make a big statement, but a smaller, square travel book works just as well in adding a dash of sunshine to your living room. They’re ideal for collecting all those lovely little staycation moments, and they’re the perfect format for your favourite summer Instagram shots too.

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Use wall art to create a room with a view

The scenery from your hotel balcony, that amazing sea view, and the cheeky grins from a day at the beach are those holiday sights you just wish you could soak up every day. With a wall art to wake up to every morning, you can hold onto your favourite summer scenes all year round. For a huge wall art to transform your space in a snap, use the highest resolution image you can, so the print picks up every detail you wanted to capture. If you have too many amazing shots to choose from though, choose one of our multi-photo layouts to create a colourful montage.

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Pop some sunshine in the post

With customisable cards, you can share some summery updates with your friends and family. You can create your own invites for those long-awaited gatherings and garden parties, send thank you cards after you’ve wrapped up your family reunion, or send your favourite holiday snap with a note to say hi. Because you can order in packs of ten, you can order for everyone in one go too.

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Go retro with your photos

Recreate that instant camera look with our retro prints. To create a playful photo wall of your holiday moments, dot them around some larger photo prints, and mix and match your sizes. You can use similar colours, like sunny yellows, summer-berry reds, or vibrant sea blues, to tie everything together in a series of snaps for your space. Our retro prints also have room for a little caption underneath, so why not add some quotes or place names to help tell your story?

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Create a cup of sunshine

The first morning back at work after a trip is never the easiest, is it? If you put a summer snap on a photo mug though, you can hold onto that holiday feeling with a snap to make you smile. They’re super-quick to create and easy to customise with clip art, layouts, and text – perfect for a personalised pick-me-up at your desk.

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Plan your next holiday with a photo calendar

What’s the best part about coming home from a holiday? You can start the countdown to your next one. With a customisable calendar, you can celebrate a different moment every month, and you can add all your important dates in our editor too – let’s start adding those next getaways.

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Tell your entire summer story

Summer’s always jam-packed with adventures, whether you managed to travel somewhere new or rediscovered your doorstep. So why not create one giant photo book to tell your summer story in full? This blog has top tips on how to create your book from scratch, how to customise with maps and clip art, and how to add extra pages, so you never miss a moment in your book. There are handy hints on how to use our pre-designed books too. So even if you’ve kept things local in London or you didn’t cast your net much further than Nottingham, you can capture all your summer highlights in a UK-themed photo book from our local travel collection. All the design work’s done for you, you just need to add your snaps and captions.

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How will you make the most of all your amazing summer moments? Whether you’re ready to get started on your travel photo book, bring the sunshine in with some bold and beautiful wall art, or share your summer stories with the family, all our products are as easy as pie to create with our editors. If you’ve still got more amazing memories to make this summer, you can create on the go with the free bonusprint app – so, get those photos off your phone and make every little moment count.

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