Nine tips for creating an unforgettable kid’s birthday photo book

By Bonusprint on 26 April 2023

Every birthday is an event when you’re a kid. Whether it’s a first birthday spent with family or a dinosaur-themed extravaganza packed with friends, here we share our nine best tips for creating a kid’s birthday photo book to remember with bonusprint.

A kid’s birthday photo book is the perfect way to celebrate every joy-filled milestone in your family’s life. Whether it’s a first birthday celebration filled with the entire family or a pirate-themed costume party bursting with fun and friends, our easy-to-use photo book editor gives you the freedom to capture your favourite moments and personalise them to perfection.   

Creating a custom photo book filled with the best moments from your child’s special day has never been easier. Here we share our best tips for your customised kid’s birthday photo book.  

1. The cover

The cover is the first step to creating your customised kid’s birthday photo book. Take some time to play with a couple of different ideas on our online photo book editor. Use a selection of your favourite photos from the special day and arrange them in a quirky way using a mask in the editor. Alternatively, choose just a single image that really captures the moment of the day: the birthday boy or girl blowing out their birthday candles, a close up of a spectacular birthday cake, or a funny moment you will all never forget. Choose a title for your book and play around with the fonts and sizing.

2. Choose a background

The beauty of using our fantastic photo book editor is that you can easily customise your kid’s birthday photo book to perfection. Choose from a wide range of backgrounds to make each page as special as the day itself – go for a playful, colourful background with lots of shapes and graphics, or opt for a simpler background with block colours that resonate with your kid’s birthday colour scheme.

3. Find a theme

Did you throw the ultimate fairytale princess birthday party? Or was your kid’s birthday more of a Jurassic affair, dominated by dinosaurs and adventure? From our cute fairytale unicorn theme to the Jurassic birthday theme, browse our pre-designed photo books to choose a fun design for your kid’s birthday photo book. They’re ideal if you don’t have time to create your kid’s book from scratch too.

4. Have fun with clip art

Our easy-to-use photo book editor tools are packed with added extras to make your kid’s birthday photo book pop – and clip art is a great way to make your photo book your own. Our photo book editor includes a massive library of high-quality clip art and graphics to suit every occasion, with over 30 categories including animals, cartoon and comic book graphics, sports, and even a special baby and kids section. Play around with the clip art on each page of your photo book and get creative!

5. Create your text

Writing captions throughout your kid’s birthday book is a great way to remember a fantastic day with family and friends and leave a special message that your little one can look back on for years to come. But your captions don’t just have to be sentimental messages. Song lyrics from the birthday boy or girl’s favourite song or even silly quotes from a favourite book or movie are a great way to capture the moment. Think outside of the box when adding text throughout your photo book.

6. Balance the layout

Kids’ birthday photo books are packed with bright colours, playful shapes, and fun graphics. Among the celebrations, find a few pages to highlight just one or two photos without any additions. The space will give a welcome break to the energetic layout and provide a more balanced overall look. 

7. Be creative with frames

Frames are a cute and quirky way to bring an image to life in your kid’s birthday photo book. Our selection of frames on the photo book editor range from different shapes and sizes to different colours and patterns. Play around with the frame around your photo of choice and get the perfect fit. Frames are also a great way to add a little consistency throughout the design of your photo book. 

8. Take creative photos

Want to get the most out of your customised kid’s birthday photo book? Plan ahead with your photos and get creative. Before the birthday party starts and your guests start arriving, think of a couple of additional images that you might want to include in your photo book. The birthday cake is great to get a good shot of before the party kicks off, and any decorations, balloons, or special gifts.  

9. Don’t forget the guests

While it’s great for your kid’s birthday photo book to focus on the birthday boy or girl, birthday celebrations are also a time for all of your loved ones to come together and enjoy spending time with one another. Make sure you snap plenty of photos during the party of siblings, grandparents, aunties, uncles… even pets! 

Whether you have a kid’s birthday party coming up or have organised one recently, we hope these tips come in handy when creating your unique kid’s birthday party photo book. Looking for some more tips for making the ultimate photo book? Read our event photography tips so you can capture everyone at the party. Ready to start creating straight away? Pick a photo book and go ahead! 

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