Five special gift ideas for newborns

By Bonusprint on 30 June 2022

Creating a thoughtful gift for a newborn baby is a wonderful way to welcome a new bundle of joy into the world. From customised photo books to beautifully curated newborn baby hampers, get inspired with our list of top five newborn baby gift ideas.

Welcoming a new baby into the world is one of life’s most joyous occasions. Whether you’re the doting parents, first-time grandparents, or a seasoned aunty or uncle, nothing beats meeting the new addition to your family for the first time. Creating a customised newborn baby gift is a perfect way to mark the special occasion.

A thoughtful gift for a newborn can be anything from a beautiful photo print of the little one to an essential newborn baby hamper packed with cute clothes, nappies, and their soon-to-be-favourite baby blanket. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to add a personal touch.

Here we dive into our top five customised baby gift ideas to help you celebrate the new bundle of joy in your life.

1. Capture your memories in a photo book

Creating a baby photo book is a beautiful way to capture the amazing journey from pregnancy to birth, full of special memories to look back on for a lifetime. The first scan is a great way to start your newborn baby photo book, moving on to plenty of photos of the growing bump through each trimester.

From the first announcements with family and friends to the baby shower in the final weeks of pregnancy, document all the special occasions that brought everyone together along the way. Did you help out with painting the new nursery? Or do you have a funny story about the soon-to-be parents? Add it to the photo book!

Finish up your newborn baby photo book with plenty of photos of the little one in their first few weeks. Meeting the family for the first time is always a great moment to include in your baby photo book, as well as close-ups of tiny feet, tiny hands, and those adorable first smiles.

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2. Gift newborn photo prints

When we welcome a new baby into our lives, there are few more featured subjects in our camera rolls than a newborn. Make the most of your growing photo library and create professional photo prints for the parents and family. Printing photos is probably not at the top of any new parents’ priority list in the first weeks of parenthood, so they’ll most likely be thankful that you’ve printed gorgeous photos for their home, the office, or for them to share with family.

With bonusprint, it couldn’t be easier to order customised photo prints for a perfect newborn baby gift. Upload your photos to the editor and choose from premium, large, or retro-style prints. Edit the images with our automatic filters, opt for a matt or gloss finish, and that’s it! Your photos of the little one in your life will arrive a few days later, perfectly packaged and ready to display. Either post your photo prints straight to the parents, friends, or extended family, or receive them at home and go the extra mile by framing them yourself before gifting.

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3. Make a first moments memory box

The first few months of a baby’s life are filled with milestones, and a baby memory box is a wonderful gift to document these precious moments. Better yet, a memory box can be as personal as you like and is a great gift to create with other family members or friends – especially if you’re going down the handmade route. Many hands make light work, and the box will likely have a deeper sentimental significance.

To start creating your memory box, first, find a suitable container. Opt for an ornate box or choose something simple that you can decorate yourself, but make sure it’s sturdy enough to make a lasting gift. Work together with your memory box team to make a list of milestones. Baby’s hospital wristband from the day they were born makes for a touching addition to a baby memory box, as well as their first curl, booties, romper, and favourite toy or blanket. Now get creative with your presentation.

Purchase small boxes online or at your local arts and crafts shop and experiment with cute labelling and decorating. If you’re especially crafty, consider crocheting small bags to house these mementoes, or choose to create small bags and embroider your labels. Finish the memory box with photos of the newborn as well as mum and dad with the bump on the way.

4. Create family wall art

Family wall art is a great way to decorate a newborn’s nursery, surrounding them with reminders of those who love them most. bonusprint offers five different materials to create the perfect family wall art pieces: poster, canvas, mounted, aluminium, and acrylic. Our canvas, aluminium, acrylic, and mounted prints include an easy hanging system, meaning they can be hung straight from the box – the perfect gift for busy new parents. Make it a tradition and update your wall art prints every year for a fun and loving way to always be together.

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5. Curate a newborn baby hamper

A personalised newborn hamper is always a fantastic gift for new parents, taking some of the pressure off in the first few weeks of welcoming a newborn into the world. Include some newborn baby essentials in your hamper: nappies, dummies, formula, soft cotton blankets, and a romper or two. Perhaps you want to get the baby a piece of keepsake jewellery engraved with their name or something special to go in their nursery. Add some personal touches to make it more intimate.

A great tip when creating your newborn baby hamper is to ask the parents beforehand what they need. If they already have specific brands they know they will use when it comes to formula, nappies, baby wipes, and everything else, make sure you get those! Many expecting parents also create an online gift directory in the months leading up to the new arrival. This is an excellent way to ensure that your gifts are as useful as you want them to be and help to lighten the load of preparing for a baby.

Whether you go for a beautiful photo print or work with friends and family to curate a handmade baby memory box, the key to a thoughtful baby gift is always making it personal. Already set on a custom photo gift? Read our nine tips for taking beautiful baby photos blog and take your newborn photo prints, photo books, and custom wall art to a whole new level of cute.