Photo book ideas for a special someone

By Bonusprint on 5 April 2023

Creating a bonusprint photo book for your favourite people couldn’t be easier. Try our handy guide on how to make a book for family members and friends.

Now, more than ever, it’s great to have a special person in your life. Whether it’s your partner, your parents, siblings, or best friend, these people have been with you for the most important moments. So now’s the time to make them something really personal — their very own photobook. Something that contains all those incredible times you’ve shared and a present that you can both enjoy. If you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or just want to tell someone you care, a bonusprint photo book will make your special someone smile.

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The photo book for your partner

Creating a photo book for your partner is an anniversary present like no other. Packed full of all the special, sentimental, funny, and memorable moments you’ve had together; it’s a perfect way to look back at the story of you two. Remember to include photos of your first date, first holiday, or when you moved into your first apartment. You can drop in illustrations or easily add your own text to the book — so get ready with the lines from movies or song lyrics that sum you two up. It’s a present that’ll guarantee big smiles — and maybe even a few tears. Check out some of our photobook inspirations to help you get creative.

The photo book for your best friend

Your best friend is one of most important people in your world. They’re the family that you chose and the person you turn to most often. The friend that’s been through your ups and downs and shared amazing moments together, so why not make them smile with a photo book dedicated to you two? Create something that sums up your friendship with candid photos, silly quotes, funny stories, and magic moments. Whether it’s for a birthday or just as a surprise gift to let them know you miss them; this is something they’ll love for years to come. Check out some photobook inspiration right here.

The photo book for your mum

Your mum’s been with you since day one. Sending her a smile is a great way to let her know you’re thinking of her. To make a photo book of her through the years, gather as many photos of mum as you can. Speak to friends from school, college, and work, as well as the rest of her family — you know you’ll collect great anecdotes and pictures from them all. Your mum won’t be able to stop smiling when she sees everything in one beautiful book. A photo book is a great birthday gift, or you could surprise her with one and take her on a trip down memory lane. For ideas on how to create a book of someone through the years, from the day they were born to now, check out this example here.

The photo book for your dad

What better way to make Pops smile than to create his very own book of dad? Chat to his friends, colleagues, and the rest of your family to collect his silliest jokes, embarrassing stories, favourite lines from movies, and songs he loves to play. Rather than posed portraits, get as many photos you can find of him being the best dad ever. It’s a great present for Father’s Day, for his birthday, or just as a surprise. A bonusprint photo book is something he’ll love to read many, many times. If you’re in need of a few creative pointers then take a look at these photobook ideas for inspiration.

The photo book for your sibling

Your brother or sister is often your first friend — you’ve known each other your whole lives. They’re someone you can always talk to, and can make you smile by just catching your eye across a crowded room. Because you’ve shared pretty much everything, you know all the funny stories, madcap moments, loves, and heartbreaks in each other’s lives. Give them a fantastic surprise with a unique photo book full of the memories you’ve shared together. From photos of your first days at school, right through to weddings and babies; it’s a photo gift they’ll love forever.

These are all great present ideas and a personalised photo book is the perfect way to send a smile — remember you can make a photo book for yourself too. Any of the bonusprint photo products are a great way to spark up some smiles this summer. Whether you’re sending a friend a set of prints or creating your own beautiful photo book, start creating now, and share your smile this summer.

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