Seven creative photo book ideas for personalised gifts

By Bonusprint on 10 October 2022

Looking for the perfect personalised gift? bonusprint has got you covered with these creative photo book ideas.

Creating the perfect personalised present for someone sounds like a lot of effort, right? It’s easier than you think with photo books from bonusprint. Whether you’re gifting to your girlfriend or your grandma, we’ve got you covered with some simple but creative ideas for photo book themes that’ll tick all the boxes.

Check out these seven ideas to get inspired and get creating.

Rustle up a recipe book

For the foodies in your life, a recipe book filled with family dishes is bound to make their day. With our exclusive pre-designed photo books, creating a cookbook is super easy – all the design work’s done for you, you just need to add your pictures and the instructions for your recipes. For a thoughtful gift, why not get the whole family to send you recipes and make it a joint effort? Ask around your relatives for pictures of all their signature dishes and for the recipes that’ve been passed down through the generations – let’s hope they’ll spill the beans on their secret ingredients.

Create a family history book

For another thoughtful gift that the whole family can help with, create a family history book together. Dig deep into the archives, rummage through those old shoeboxes of photos, and get scanning. To go the extra mile, you could research your family tree and scan the finished article in too. Remember to customise each page with names, dates, and locations as well to help bring your family’s story to life.

Make a book of milestones

If you’re constantly taking pictures of your little one, then a baby milestones book is the one for you. Get creative with snaps of their first steps to their first giggles and add a few cute stories from their first year. This’ll make an adorable gift for Gran, or you could hold onto this book until a big birthday for your baby, like their 18th or 21st – the more embarrassing photos the better for this idea.

Tell a story

For the little bookworms in your life, create their very own story book. Make them the main character, plot out a simple story to suit their personality – it could be a tale of adventure or a superhero story that you could create in the style of a comic – and include some of their favourite things, like their pet as a sidekick. You could let your creativity loose and make your book from scratch or use one of our pre-designed kids’ photo books to get a head start.

Create a book for every season

For relatives you don’t get to see as often as you like, why not gift them a photo book each season? You can include all your family snaps, from your summer staycations to your wintery walks with the kids, and use it like a quarterly update of what you’ve been up to. It’ll be a lovely little surprise through their letterbox every few months.

Relive your love story

Why wait until Valentine’s Day to tell your other half how special they are? Create a photo book of all your amazing moments together. It doesn’t need to be for an anniversary either, you can just treat them out of the blue with moments from your early dates to your milestones along the way.

Get creative with a travel book

Globetrotters would love a travel book of all their favourite destinations. You could sort through years of previous adventures and create a book per country. Even if they keep their travels a little closer to home, we’ve got some great local travel books that are super-easy to customise. They’ve all been professionally designed with that place in mind, so you’ll notice nods to that country’s flag colours or accent shades that’ll show off your shots of the Scottish Highlands to the Cornish coast.

There’s a photo book gift idea for everyone, whether you’re shopping for the perfect birthday present or just a surprise to show someone you’re thinking about them. Who will you make your next bonusprint photo book for? Get your thinking caps on and get creative.

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