Discover 3 easy ways to create a photo book

By Bonusprint on 12 January 2022

How you choose to create your book is a matter of personal taste and the nature of your project. Start from scratch, use a pre-design or let Smart Assistant create your book for you.

Creating a photo book doesn’t have to be a long and tedious project – this introduction blog tells you all about the three simple solutions we have at bonusprint for every level of skill and every occasion. Whether you start from scratch with Create yourself, let our Smart Assistant create a book for you or go for a beautiful pre-design – we’ve made it easy for you. To get the most out of each way to create, we’ve put together a small series of three follow-up blogs that will talk you through each of our three easy ways to create in-depth.

To illustrate our three easy ways with real life examples, we asked Mélodie, planner at bonusprint with just a few photo books on her track record so far, to try them all out. Have a look for yourself – which way would you create your next project?

Create yourself – for your personal passion projects


The fun of building a book from scratch is in enjoying full creative freedom with all the tools you need at your fingertips. Make your dream book come true just the way you envision it. To try Create yourself, Mélodie saw the opportunity to make the family book she’d been wanting to make. A book that covers all the most precious family moments of the past years since her 4-year-old daughter Juliette was born. She started by diving into the archives, collecting her memories from different sources, and then took the freedom she needed to make her book just the way she wanted it to be. The result: a very personal book in every way, celebrating her little family.

Do you find yourself wondering where to start, what size photo book to pick and what the creative options are for Create yourself? Read all about it in How to make the most out of ‘Create Yourself’.

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Smart Assistant – when you have too many pics and not enough time


If time is a factor and you have a lot of photos, perhaps not even pre-selected, Smart Assistant is the way for you. It can help you select your photos and remove doubles automatically, and places them in a lovely layout in just minutes – so you start the creative process with a perfectly neat and pre-filled book. All you need to do is tweak your pre-filled book the way you like and add some extra pictures, text or clip art where you see fit. Trying Smart Assistant, Mélodie set herself the challenge of creating a family holiday book in under hour. She gathered all her 2021 holiday photos and put them in – just like that. After starting out with a pre-filled book she removed some pictures that she wasn’t happy with and added some extra photos and text. Who would’ve thought turning hundreds of photos into a beautiful book could be this easy?

Do you think Smart Assistant could be something for your next project, but would you like to read more about it? Check our blog: How to make the most out of Smart Assistant.

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Pre-design – for professionally designed results


If you want your book to look like it was designed by pro, all you need to do is choose one of our 230 beautiful pre-designs – with multiple themes and styles to choose from for all your life events. All you need to do is drag and drop your favourite photos in the different layouts. Of course, you still have all creative freedom to tweak the design. Trying ‘Pre-design’ Mélodie created a beautiful book to give to her daughter Juliette for her fourth birthday. She picked a theme called ‘Watercolour animals’ and added all those highlights all the way from Juliette’s birth up to now – all those special childhood memories that are guaranteed to make little Juliette smile for years to come. Very cute, Mélodie!

Thinking about getting started with Pre-design? Read all about this easy way to create a photo book in How to make the most out of your Pre-designed photo book.

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With three easy ways to create a photo book there is an easy way for everyone, whatever your project is. Make your photo book the way you want and above all, enjoy!

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