The ultimate Easter guide

By Bonusprint on 27 March 2023

The first rays of sunny spring are on the horizon and that means that Easter is almost here. When you’re spending the holiday at home with the family, it’s a great time to all get your creative hats on, and start baking and making your very own Easter decorations and treats. We’ve put together some great family-friendly ideas and activities for you all to enjoy during the holiday.

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Let’s do brunch

Take time to relax and get the family together to make a lazy morning brunch. Get the kids involved in food preparation, whether it’s flipping pancakes, scrambling eggs, buttering French toast, or making delicious sandwiches. There’s nothing better than sitting around the table together and enjoying the food you’ve all spent time creating.

Get decorating

One of the highlights of any family Easter meal is the table decorations. Give the kids the very important job of making a show-stopping floral centrepiece, with flowers freshly picked from the garden. Another idea could be to get them to design name card place settings and a seating plan. Or why not give each of the children a blank napkin to create their very own Easter bunny, chick, or Easter egg design on with prizes for the best ones?

Create gift baskets

While the creative spirit is buzzing around the house, take some time out to design and make some brilliant Easter-themed baskets. You could do this as a fun project with the kids or wait until they’ve gone to bed so they have a great surprise when they wake up. Easter baskets with bunny ears or fluffy like a chick, covered with flowers or decorated like an egg, will look amazing filled with Easter goodies. Plus, the kids can use the baskets for an Easter egg hunt in the back garden.

Design your own Easter kids’ book

Log in to our online editor and you’ll find you can easily create a personalised Easter adventure kids’ book. Get everyone to join in with writing the story so it’s a real family affair. You could get creative and upload their drawings and characters, or maybe even your own family could star in the book using photos you’ve taken during the Easter break. You never know, reading it every year might even become a family Easter tradition. Check out our photo book gallery for inspiration and ideas.

Paint those eggs

It wouldn’t be Easter without decorated eggs. Arts and crafts are a really fun way to get the family around the table, so crack open those egg boxes and get the kids to personalise their own eggs. Make sure to have a wide variety of materials on hand to spark the creativity — glitter, stickers, paint, pens, and feathers are all brilliant things to decorate your egg with.

Bake Easter cookies

Cookies taste all the sweeter if you’ve spent the morning making and baking them with your family. Make sure to add in some Easter themes to your bakes like big Easter bunny ears or get creative with different coloured icing to decorate egg-shaped cookies.

Easter egg hunt

Not only is it one of the top Easter traditions, an Easter egg hunt is also the perfect way to move all the family outside to the garden, and get them to be active. Make sure to plant eggs both high and low so everyone in the family stands a chance of finding one for their basket. Maybe leave clues around to add a level of excitement to the proceedings too?

Decorate an Easter egg tree

Decorating the Easter egg tree may be a long held tradition but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give yours a contemporary spin. You can spray the tree parts silver or white, and maybe even add a Japanese feel with cherry blossom. Don’t forget that you can accessorise the base with sweets too. Whether you stick to one theme or let the whole family pitch in with designs of their own, make sure your Easter egg tree is the centrepiece of the day.

Create a personalised photo book

While the family’s in one place, it’s a great time to get the camera out and document the whole holiday. And where better to display those pictures than in your very own, personalised photo book? It’s something you could keep or give as a present. You never know, creating a family photo book every Easter could become a tradition. It’s a unique way to enjoy your photos, and with our online editor, it couldn’t be simpler to create.

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