Instagram is our place we put most of our best photographs so it seems crazy to leave them just sitting there. We’ve come up with 9 creative ways to bring your Instagram feed to life that will also look beautiful in your home.

Lots of these ideas can be created in our mobile app so you can take photos directly from your Instagram feed. For the ones that need to be created in the creator tool, you can upload your Instagram photos to your computer and take them from there.

Create a mosaic wall art


Our mosaic grid layout was designed specifically with your Instagram feed in mind. You can feature between 4 and 81 photos in a grid layout on a square wall art. Read our blog about how to create a mosaic grid wall art for some inspiration.

Create a wall art layout


Not all Instagram photos are square so if you also want to feature portrait and landscape photos then create a wall art layout of your choice. Simply select any size wall art, decide how many photos from your Instagram feed to use and choose a format. By adjusting the margins, you can create borders between your photos and add colour with our large collection of backgrounds.

Read our expert wall art tips to make sure you’re creating wall art worthy of an interior designer.

Create your own photo wall


Creating a photo wall is easy and will make your Instagram photos really stand out. We recommend creating 4 or 9 separate wall arts (20×20 is best) and then hanging them on your wall in a grid format. Create them all from the same material for a nice and neat aesthetic or use a number of different materials for a more eclectic finish.

Like the idea of creating a photo wall? Read more photo wall tips here.

create wall art

Put your Instagram feed on photo prints


This is a great way to replicate your Instagram feed on your wall. Print out your photos straight from your phone and arrange them on your wall in the order that they appear on Instagram. You can also add to this every few months with more photos. Using washi tape to stick up your photos will look chic.

Get creative with retro prints


This is just like the tip above but if you’re printing your photos on retro prints you can add captions at the bottom of the photo, just like your Instagram captions! Are you a fan of our retro prints? We’ve got loads of ideas for how to display them.

print some photos

Create a small square photo book

A small photo book is perfect for your Instagram photos because they don’t need to be such high quality. Why not create a photo book with Instagram photos from every year? You can give each one the title of that year and they’ll look nice displayed in your home. Use one photo per page and add the caption and date and you could even add any memorable comments your friends made.

Read our easy guide to creating a photo book if you’re unsure how to start.

Print your Instagram moments in a large photo book

Create a large photo book featuring all of your favourite photos from Instagram. You can choose a photo cover and create a collage on the front that replicates your feed. You could feature a different photo on every page or choose a layout and add three per page with the captions below.

Our automatic layouts feature will make this easier for you! A large photo book is also a great place to showcase your Instagram Stories. They disappear from your feed within 24 hours so be sure to save them to your camera roll and add the best ones to your book.

create a photo book

Create a calendar

Create a calendar and feature your favourite Instagram moment from each month. You could choose a predesign that suits the style of your photography or simply make one yourself from scratch.

create a calendar

Send a card of favourite moments

Who doesn’t love receiving nice post in the mail from friends and family? It’s such a nice treat to receive a handwritten card from someone you don’t see very often, so be the one that sends it! Create a card from scratch using a few of your favourite Instagram photos from the year laid out in a grid on the front. Then write individual notes inside and send them off to your loved ones. They’ll appreciate the effort.

create personalised cards

Beautiful photos and a little bit of imagination. It’s all it takes to see your favourite moments look their best. Once you’ve brought your Instagram feed to life we’d love to see the results. Share a photo with us on Instagram using the #bonusprint hashtag and we’ll regram the best images.

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