Candy's design in a photo book spread - albelli Photo books

The moment we saw this wonderfully created photo book of designs, we knew we had to share it. The book was created by a talented young lady by the name of Candy Joyce and we’re delighted she chose albelli Photo books to showcase her talent!

Candy first discovered her creativity when using the family’s first PC to create “weird and wonderful drawings” at the tender age of 8. Over time, her drawings turned into designs that developed into a style she now describes as “contemporary and quirky [with] a kind of bold elegance”.

A collection of surface designs by Candy Joyce

…and we love it so we asked Candy where she draws her inspiration from. “I am drawn to geometric shapes, patterns in nature and the beauty inherent in mathematical formulas, if the names Sierpinski, Fibonacci or Pythagoras mean anything to you then you will understand where I am coming from (although I might struggle to explain much of the actual mathematics to you.”

In June 2010, Candy discovered Surface design and was hooked! She sold her first designs in February 2011 and won a Tigerprint competition in January 2013 for her Spots and Stripes design.

Gaining a BA in Menswear Fashion and working briefly as a freelance Fashion photographer/dress maker has not appeased the talented Candy. She is now keen to exchange her day job for a full time career as a Surface designer and we definitely hope she succeeds!

Candy’s designs are simply a pleasure to look at. The word ‘eye candy’ comes to mind. Flick through her book below to view her best creations.

Candy kept it simple when creating this book. Rather than add design elements, she focused on being creative with the layout alone, using a combination of layout design features under the ‘Product’, ‘Design’ and ‘Page’ tabs of albelli’s creator tool.

Creating the book gave Candy a chance to see how her style developed over the years, inspiring her to create even better designs. She also plans to create one photo book a year, the next of which, she hinted, will be an Alphabet book.

“It is the start of a collection that will take pride of place on my bookshelf,” – as well as in our blog Candy!

For more of Candy’s designs, you can visit her shop