In honour of Valentine’s Day, we’ve pulled together a few do-it-yourself romantic photo filters just for you! These simple filters can transform even the least sentimental subjects into beautiful and romantic photos, with just the click of your shutter. So, whether you’re snapping selfies with your sweetie or shooting a wistful landscape – check out our ideas below for some sweet shots!
Top tip: Turn your most romantic photos into wall art, phone cases or mugs and give them as a personalised Valentine’s Day gift.

1 – Create light hearts
A bokeh filter creates magical little light shapes in your photos. All you need to create one is a sheet of paper, some scissors and a bit of tape!
To make your heart bokeh, start by cutting a piece of dark paper to cover your camera lens. Then cut a small heart shape (about 1.3 to 1.9 cm) in the middle of your paper. Attach your bokeh to your lens and you’re ready to start shooting!
Tip: Combine a close subject with distant lights to create faraway heart shaped fairy lights!


2 – Pull on a pair of stockings
One of the simplest filter options out there… You can easily create a beautiful, soft filter with a pair of sheer stockings! Simply slip a bit of the stocking over your lens and tightly secure it with a rubber band.
Get a romantic, nostalgic effect by shooting in the shade or on an overcast day.
Tip: For a less strong effect, tear a run in your stockings to let a little more light in.


3 – Shoot with cellophane
Use a cellophane filter to simulate light leaks or to add colour (think pink or red) to your photos. Simply attach a small bit of cellophane to your lens with a rubber band and you’re ready to go!
Where can you get cellophane? Easy – go to your cupboard, take out that package of biscuits you’ve had your eye on, eat the biscuits and voila – you’re left with an empty cellophane packaging that’s perfect for your filter! Or… you can always pick some up at your local craft store (a good option for crumb free and coloured cellophane).
Tip: Play around with the amount, positioning and thickness of the cellophane to get different looks.


Bonus: best romantic digital filters
If you don’t have time to DIY or just prefer a less hands on approach – here’s our top three Instagram filters for giving your phone pics a romantic look!
Effect: High exposure, low contrast, warm temperature
Look: Lovely pastel tint, similar to the stocking filter
Effect: High exposure, low contrast, slightly dodged centre
Look: Hazy quality, like a daydream
Effect: Slight exposure, warm temperature, yellow tint
Look: Golden glow; soft, forgiving light

Have more romantic filter ideas? Share them in the comments below!