A colleague is leaving. How sad! You’ve sat across from each other for ages, muddled through meetings together and shared countless lunches. Give that great colleague a personal farewell gift before they depart! Make that last workday together one to remember. Read all the great tips for your farewell gift below!

At the coffee machine
The same ritual every morning: getting coffee from the coffee machine. And always the same question: how was your weekend / evening / day off, do anything fun? Even though you may not ever see each other outside the office, you’ve probably come to know a lot about your colleague. So a personal farewell gift should be a piece of cake.

Good farewell gift – also great for the boss
The fact that one’s colleagues have put a lot of time into making a farewell gift certainly won’t go unnoticed. So make the effort! And what’s certainly also true: giving the boss a personal farewell gift is also more meaningful. A farewell speech accompanied by a gift is certainly more meaningful than just a bouquet or gift certificate.

TIP! as a farewell gift for a colleague:
make a photo book, here are some ideas:

• Collect snapshots made during company socials or outings.
• Make screen captures of funny mails he or she has sent.
• Make close-up photos of his or her workplace: those 27 Post-its on the computer monitor, that everlasting (and slightly dirty) coffee mug, that classic poster on the wall. What makes your colleague so special?
• Use photos of the conferences and trade shows your colleague attended.
• Or find a light-hearted way to include images that serve as reminders for the targets that had to be met…

Ready to get started?
Making a farewell gift for your colleague doesn’t take much time and is a lot of fun to do! Many years spent working together is certainly not something to be forgotten and is worthy of a nice farewell gift.