Year in, year out, it never changes. The intention to give meaningful gifts is there, but finding the right one is rarely a quick matter and being short of time, we settle for the quick pick.

And now with Father’s Day fast approaching (16 June), it’s time to start looking once again. Will it be any different this time? We think… YES!

If you’re reading this in good time and you’re looking for a gift idea for dad with a guaranteed wow-factor, something that’s quick to get, yet meaningful, then you’re in luck! We’ve just launched our brand new range of pre-designed photo books and it definitely ticks all the boxes!

What are pre-designed books? They are professionally designed photo albums with beautifully created design elements tailored to suit a broad range of styles and occasions. All you need to do is add his favourite pics to any pre-designed photo book and you’re set.

What’s more, it’s nice and quick! You won’t have to spend time over all the creative bits and bobs as that’s all been done for you. Just add photos of everything your dad loves and let the design do the rest.

For instance, pick the ‘Wood Letterpress’ pre-design photo book and add photos of the first day he became a dad.

Father's Day gift idea - pre-designed photo book sample

Also include photos that show why he’s the best dad in the world.


And get the little ones to help create dad’s gift too! Pick their favourite photo of dad, get them to add a little note then add it all to the pages.

Father's Day gift ideas - pre-designed photo book

Of course, this is just a tiny peek of what’s possible and if you like this idea, go to the pre-design gallery, pick the design you think he’d like, add your pics and  place your order before midnight on 9 June to receive your gift in time for Father’s Day.

All pre-designed books include a photo cover and are printed in the Landscape L format – a popular choice of our customers! See how it works or head straight to the pre-design gallery

No matter which one you pick, you’re sure to give dad a Father’s Day gift he’ll never forget!