We’ve all been there; we’ve taken a million and one photos, can’t wait to start a photo book, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to get creative with them all. With a little help from bonusprint’s clever Smart Assistant, you can create your book in no time. Whether you want to create a staycation book in a flash, look back on past holiday highlights, or finally relive your folders and folders of family photos, it’ll make photo book creation a breeze. It picks your best photos, removes any duplicates or blurry shots, and sorts them into lovely layouts, ready for you to tweak and make your own. Here’s how to get started and to make the most out of Smart Assistant.

Get organised

If you don’t have your photos organised all tidily in one place, like on a hard drive, then it could take you a while to find all the ones you want for your photo book, even if you are using Smart Assistant. Try to always group your pics into logical folders so you’ll have a much easier time creating your book. One handy tip to remember is to always use the original image when using Smart Assistant. Using pictures that you’ve grabbed off social media won’t have the internal data that Smart Assistant needs to work its speedy magic.

Choose your layout for your photo book

Pick a photo book layout that you like from our options. That’s pretty much all you need to do now, other than get ready for Smart Assistant to leap into action. Then it’ll start to put your photos together to help tell your story for you — you can just kick back with a cup of tea while it gets to work.

Create themed image folders

Whatever theme you want for your photo book, our Smart Assistant will work quicker and more efficiently if you group your themed pics into separate folders. So, for instance, keep your family photos in one folder, separate from your hobby pics.

Use the highest resolution photos possible

Using Smart Assistant, you’ll always get great looking layouts for your photo book, but you’ll need to provide it with the highest resolution images you can to get a really professional finish. If they’re low-res images, then they could look blurry or pixelated when they’re printed. A good rule to remember is a photo needs to be at least 2MB in size to print with high-quality.

Add extra photos

Once Smart Assistant’s finished putting your photos into layouts, you could just stop there and order your book right away — it’s that easy. But you don’t need to worry about it taking over creative control of your project if there are changes you still want to make. Everything it does is editable by you. You can tweak photos, swap the order they’re in, take pics out, and add as many more in as you’d like.

Add the finishing touches to your photo book

When you’re happy with Smart Assistant’s super-fast selections and layouts, you can start adding in those extra special touches, like background colours, clip art, text, frames for the photos, and more. It’s totally up to you how many finishing touches you add in.

Whatever kind of photo book you want to make, there’s an easy way for everyone. Give our Smart Assistant a try to get creative with those hundreds of past holiday photos you didn’t think you’d have time to sort. Get a professionally designed finish with one of our amazing pre-designed photo books – ideal for celebrating those big milestone events. If you want to make your book from scratch with complete creative freedom, then try our Create yourself route.

Get started on your next photo book with our editor, or to find out more, read Discover 3 easy ways to create a photo book.

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