In 2 weeks and 3 days it’ll be Mother’s Day. Yes, (nodding head) Mothering Sunday has come early this year (10 March) and we hope this doesn’t come as a surprise.

Admittedly, not many remember to get Mum something special for Mother’s Day. In fact, as many as one in five Brits confess to missing it, blaming it on distance, work commitments, etc.

And what gifts do UK Mums tend to receive? Chocolates, flowers and greeting cards tend to be the usual suspects.

Hmmmmm… Really?

Well, we definitely think you can do a whole lot better by giving her a unique photo gift instead. No travel involved, no stress either. In fact, creating photo gifts is quite fun.

What’s more, photo gifts last longer, are more meaningful and offer many ways to express how much you appreciate and love your mother.

With the same time it takes to order her flowers (yawn) you can create and order a beautiful canvas or acrylic print for her instead.

Or spend just a bit more time and effort and celebrate her life in a photo book. Pack all the things she loves in it: her kids, achievements, hobbies, and talents! Get a closer look at your photo book creative options to make it the best gift ever. Surely, for someone so important, just a little more effort is called for.

Check out our ideas of different Mother’s Day photo gifts and get started. The sooner the better as taking your time creating your gift not only brings the best results, but ensures that your gift arrives in time for Mother’s Day.

PS: Bare in mind that the last day to order for Mother’s Day is 28 February 🙂