As if trying to take a great shot of one person isn’t difficult enough, imagine a group of restless, chatty friends! Yep, photographing groups is no easy task, which is why we thought it a good idea to share these 7 tips for taking better group photos.

1. Be creative when composing

Allow variation in height and avoid perfect alignment (yawn). Let everyone settle down in different ways. Make use of chairs, walls or the stairway for creative composition.

2. Zoom in sometimes

You don’t have to capture the group from head to toe all the time. As they chat away, zoom in to capture faces, feet, or hands. This will help you capture something unique about your group.

3. Make sure every face is visible

Get everyone to gather together closely as this increases the chance that each face will be captured.

4. Take photos from different angles 

Stand on a chair (useful with large groups) or take a photograph from ground level. You can also take a photo at a wide angle, which can bring interesting results.

5. Take the group outside

There are three good reasons to go outside. Firstly, the exposure to light is better. Second, there’s a wide variety of backdrop options to chose from. Lastly, having more space to create distance between your group and the backdrop allows you to use depth to fade out the background.

6. Take multiple shots

The more you shoot, the more relaxed your group will be and the higher the chance of capturing great pics.

7. Timing is everything

Observe your group to know exactly when to press the shutter release button.  Each group is different but there’s always one moment that’s perfect to start taking pictures – pay attention and take the time to find it.

8. Smile and make sure it’s FUN!

This is the most important tip! Group photos can easily become stressful, which delivers unfavourable results. So smile, crack a joke, and get your group to be at ease before you start snapping away.