What’s the difference between softcover and hardcover photo books? Which one is best? Whatever cover bonusprint photo book you decide on, we want you to get more from your moments. The cover is the first experience you, your family and your friends will have of any bonusprint photo book you create, and we know it can be tricky to know which of softcover photo book vs hardcover is the right choice…

The difference between hard cover and soft cover photo book

It’s quite common for people to stick with one, tried and tested finish when they’ve made a few bonusprint photo books, but every book is different and there really is no right or wrong answer. The main thing is to make sure you choose something that you like best and feel comfortable with. Try to picture what the photo book you want to make looks like before you start. Do you imagine it with a hard cover or soft? That’ll give you a great idea of the route you want to go down.

The good thing is, there are no rules when it comes to a photo book cover but if you’re not entirely sure, we can help with some suggestions.

A hard cover, of course, protects the book better and gives the book a luxurious feel and weight. They’re often more impressive when you bring them out to show people but, alternatively, a soft cover photo book feels more approachable, modern and friendly, and of course is cheaper to produce.

What sort of photo book has a hard cover?

Hard cover photo books are usually used for celebratory books like births, weddings and birthdays. A hardcover bonusprint photo book is probably the right choice if you want the book to feel more formal and have gravitas, if your pages have a gloss finish and if your page layout has multiple pictures on each page and borders on it, then the hardback cover complements that excellently.

What sort of photo book has a soft cover?

Soft covers are great for photo books showcasing your travels or street photography – something we love to do at bonusprint. If you’re using full bleed images or one picture per page then soft cover is usually the way to go, or if you have chosen a matt finish for your photo book pages. When you look at modern design publications and photo books in art gallery shops you usually find they’ve opted for the soft cover.

Go with your heart

It really is up to you, they’re your pictures and only you know best whether a hand cover or soft cover will present your photo book in the way that’s exactly right for. And we’ve got you covered!

Now you’re ready to create the perfect photo book

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