Holiday photo album

It’s no secret – we love to travel. And, we love creating photo books. So it’s hardly surprising that we love creating summer photo books. Have a browse of the holiday photo album we’ve created for some inspiration and then read our top tips for creating your own…

The cover

Holiday photo album front cover idea

Choose a photo for the front cover that’s reminiscent of the beginning of a journey. We love the use of this winding road. It’s symbolic of the holiday to come.

Be playful with backgrounds

Holiday photo album background idea

The addition of this globe background makes the page really stand out. It’s perfect if you’re going to show photos of a few separate destinations in one book.

Themed clip art

Holiday photo album clip art ideas

There are hundreds of clip arts available in our creator tool so whatever theme your book follows there will be something appropriate. These holiday-themed ones are perfect next to your beach photos.

Theme it

Holiday photo album themed photos

Feature a series of photos from one day on a spread in your photo book. The colours will all be similar and it will start telling a story of your trip.

All about the scenery

Holiday photo album scenery photos

Use some photos of epic landscapes and not just people.

Get creative

Holiday photo album creative ideas

Try mixing different backgrounds (like this leaf one) with different clip art. Don’t be afraid to add more than one design feature to a spread, because as you can see on this page, it really makes the photos stand out.

Make the most of layouts

Holiday photo album layout inspiration

We’ve added lots of new layouts to our creator tool, so it’s never been easier to make your photo book look professional. You can even opt for auto fill and the creator tool will arrange your photos for you.

Say it with text

Holiday photo album text ideas

The addition of some words to your photo book pages give it an extra special touch and will help you remember what you did that day.

Highlight a fun day out

Holiday photo album fun day out theme

Don’t feel restricted to a certain number of photos per page. A collage like this is a great way to feature lots of photos on one page, especially nice for highlighting a single day. You can use manual or auto fill layouts.

Colour match

Holiday photo album colour matching

Use backgrounds and frames on your photos to make the colours in your images stand out. This French scenery looks even brighter with the addition of some simple frames.

So whether you’ve just returned from a holiday or are planning one now, we hope you’re feeling inspired to create your own summer photo book.

For more ideas head to our easy photo book creation guide or check out our photography tips to make your photo book look better than ever. What are you waiting for? Start creating.