Wall art quiz

Wall art is a beautiful and thoughtful gift that your friends and family will love, but getting it right can be tricky. Because it’s something they will hang in their home, it’s important to choose the style that will suit their space and their personality.

That’s why we’ve come up with this quick quiz. Answer a few simple questions about your loved ones and we’ll tell you which wall art is right for them.

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1/ How would you describe their home?

  • Warm, welcoming and always full of family
  • Minimalist and modern
  • Clean lines with splashes of colour
  • Stylish and on-trend
  • Comfortable and homely with lots of plants

2/ What is their colour of choice for interiors?

  • Bright yellow
  • White
  • Azure blue
  • Neutrals
  • Dark green

3/ What’s their favourite room in the house?

  • The living room because it’s where the whole family come together
  • The stainless steel kitchen because there isn’t any clutter
  • The dining room because it’s where they entertain and show off their photos
  • The bedroom because it’s minimal and chic but still cosy
  • The conservatory because it almost feels like sitting outside

4/ What photos do they already have hanging in their home?

  • Lots of pictures of family and friends
  • Some cityscapes of places they’ve recently travelled
  • Brightly coloured photos from far-flung destinations
  • Black and white photos of arty scenes
  • Beaches and lots of photos of nature



Mostly A – Get them a canvas wall art

wall art quiz 1

Elegant and traditional, a personalised canvas print will brighten up their home. The razor sharp detailing is perfect for pictures of people and places.

Mostly B – Get them an acrylic wall art

wall art quiz 2

Their home is sophisticated, just like they are. Some sleek acrylic wall art will perfectly match their modern style.

Mostly C – Get them a mounted wall art

wall art quiz 3

A simple mounted print will suit their down-to-earth aesthetic. They can hang it anywhere and let the intense colours do the talking.

Mostly D – Get them an aluminum wall art

wall art quiz 4

An aluminum print will lend their home a stylish air. Popular for black and white prints, the matte finish is contemporary and cool.

Mostly E – Get them a photo on wood

wall art quiz 5

A photo on wood will add some rustic charm to their home. The natural wood will blend with the surroundings for an understated look.


Whatever the result, don’t feel restricted to one particular style

Creating a number of wall arts in different materials is also a nice gift option and means they can create a striking display in their home.


Another option is creating some photo prints for them of favourite moments you shared together. They’re quick, easy and can be displayed creatively.

start creating

If you’ve created some wall art yourself, show it off using the #mybonusprint hashtag or upload it directly to our photo gallery for the chance to win a bonusprint voucher. You’ll also inspire others while you’re at it.