Creating your own picture wall at home is one of the most unique ways to bring your favourite spaces to life. From the best picture wall ideas to the most useful tips on how to make your own photo art, we’ve asked our friend Frida Rastedt at Scandinavia’s leading interior design blog to share her tips on creating the perfect chic space at home.

If you want something in your home that no one else has, do something that others do not… take your own pictures! A picture wall is a perfect way to make a dull wall more vivid and personal, especially when you have taken the pictures yourself. bonusprint makes it possible for you to upload your photos and create aluminium wall art, canvas wall art, forex wall art, photo posters or plexiglass wall arts in a range of different sizes.

Picture Wall Ideas

It’s not as difficult as it sounds to make your own photo artwork. In collaboration with bonusprint, I’ve created my own photographic art. I want to encourage you to use your imagination to create your unique motifs.

Enlarge children’s drawings

Let the family’s little ones create works of art for their own rooms. Take photos of their drawings with your mobile phone and enlarge them on canvas wall arts. Because this photo art format can withstand a little toughness, they also fit particularly well in children’s playrooms.

Model for a day

Create your own photo art by taking pictures of yourself or your friends with a focus on shapes and lines. Do you find it hard to get self-portraits? Invite your friends to a “photo date” in a place with an interesting background – a rough concrete wall, a nice house facade or an old factory building. Tip! Take pictures outdoors in natural light. Play with contours and shadows and make the images black and white in bonusprint’s online editing tool.

Think small for big results

If you do not have magnificent views nearby, think small! Play with the camera as if it were a magnifying glass in your own home. You will be surprised that more than you think can become a piece of art when playing with textures, patterns, shapes and lines. Here I have photographed the contour line on my favourite chair. Can you guess which one it is?

Take pictures of colours, not just shapes

Assume that the picture will bring colour to the entire room. Where can you find the colours you want to capture? Look for colours that match your interior when you are out and about. Use acrylic glass to get extra depth in your detailed images. It has a fantastic finish that can make anything look like an expensive art piece.

Creating a photo wall at home: technical tips!

Matte or glossy?

With a matte finish, you will get no reflections on the photo panel. This is good if you want to avoid reflections on the subject of your wall art. With a glossy surface, you will get more depth in the images.

The bigger the image, the lighter the print

The larger the image you want to print, the lighter format I would recommend. The forex wall art from bonusprint’s range of picture wall options are perfect for you when you want to make a statement at home.

Wall mural in children’s room

Canvas prints on wedge frames are perfect for children’s rooms where the toys may go a little wild sometimes. Avoid framing your children’s photo prints with glass in environments where small children will be present.

Choose photo posters for variety

You can change paintings according to the season, just as you do with textiles. It is easy to change the contents of your frame based on the colour of the curtains or season.

White + glass = green

Remember that the frame you choose can affect the pictures’ colour reproduction when hanging on the wall. If you are going to frame a photo with many white areas in it, it is usually best in black and white on a foam board. Because glass contains iron, the glass panes of the picture frame often turn green.

Thank you to Frida Rastedt for her expert insight on how to make your own photo art and her best picture wall ideas. Read more interior design tips from Frida Rastedt at Are you already feeling inspired? Head straight to the wall art editor to start creating your next custom interior photo art now!