A man and a woman sitting with a little girl, flipping through a family photo book

So many photos, so many devices. We love having loads of different ways to capture great moments, but when photos are stored all over the place, it can make finding them for your next photo book pretty fiddly. With a few simple file management tricks and techniques, you can keep your favourite memories safe and find photos in a flash. You’ll have more time to focus on the fun part of creating your photo books too.

Where do you start with your file management? Check out our easy-to-follow how-to guides below for everything you need to know about scanning old prints, renaming your images, saving pictures and backing them up safely.

How to manage your photos

A graphic of an open laptop with six photos on. Three clear photos have green ticks on and two blurry photos have red crosses on.

Have you ever started to create a photo book and realised you couldn’t find the images you needed? Follow this simple step-by-step guide to help you sort through your photos, upload them onto a central device and back them up securely.

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How to store your photos

A graphic of an open laptop with six images on the screen. There’s a blue dotted line coming off it that connects to a box containing the same group of images with a little cloud above it.

Accidents can happen – maybe your laptop’s let you down, or you dropped your phone on the way to work. But if you’ve got your favourite photos from your device backed up elsewhere, that’s at least one less thing to worry about when your tech’s beyond repair. Check out this blog for tips on backing up and organising your images securely.

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How to name your photos

A photo of a little girl in a pink raincoat stood on a rainy path. The picture is framed by a computer window with a file name in the top right corner.

Renaming your photo files and keeping the naming patterns consistent will make them so much easier to find on your device. Changing the details might seem time-consuming, but it’s a lot simpler than it sounds. Just follow these steps for neatly managed photo files.

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How to group your photo files

Four photos on an open computer window, with three icons down the right side, including a balloon, a tiered cake and a calendar with a heart on it.

Grouping your images by keywords and tags is a great way of creating themed photo books more easily. Here’s how to incorporate grouping files into your photo workflow. And if you’ve never created your own photo workflow before, check out the example in our blog to get you started.

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How to scan your old photo prints

A graphic of an open laptop with a picture of a child playing in the snow on the screen. There’s a copy of that image behind the laptop with a blue frame around it.

If you’ve got shoeboxes full of old photo prints from the days before digital, or even a collection of mementoes you want to add to your photo books, here are some top tips on how to scan and save your favourite memories.

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